Friday, June 22, 2012

Solutions For Instant Happiness - This blog could change your life....

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that
commands your thoughts, liberates your
energy, and inspires your hopes."
- Andrew Carnegie

I just saw this quote yesterday and loved it.  So many people come to me with health issues, weight problems and emotional angst, but all have one thing in common.  They are searching for more happiness.  I don't think that ever stops really.  Even when you are very happy with your life, there is always a next level to shoot for and a next.  Even the spiritual seek higher levels of their devotion.  So what will make you happier?  It's not in a bag or a jar.

Happiness and inspiration will support everything you do and it's up to you to get into that zone.  Paradoxically, eating well aids in being happier.  Ironically, those who would like to be happier often seek substances that provide momentary pleasure then quite often lead to depression.  The cleaner you are inside, the more energy you will have.  Whole grains (not bread, crackers, cakes, etc.) are full of fiber that helps sweep away some of the gunked up residue from eating sticky white flour, dairy or drugs.  Not as powerful as herbs or clay but a good daily thing to eat to stay clean inside.  

Grains alone are not the answer.  A well rounded diet with legumes, a good variety of vegetables and a little fruit and animal foods can make up a good clean diet.  Alcohol and sweets being fun treats now and again, not every single day.  

If you are someone who must have the glass of wine each night, the nightcap, the cocktail or think beer is a whole grain, you might try an experiment.  Can you go without the substance for more than a month and still be happy?  How about two days?  If you are creating a life you love with goals that inspire you, you won't miss the drinks or the sweet treats because life will pull you along.  

I have recently been on a journey, putting my things in storage in NY, I went to New Hampshire and then California.  I've enjoyed seeing family and friends and working on some writing projects.  I have so much to fill in my day and food is just one little enjoyable part and not the thing I'm looking forward to. I'm enjoying it all.  Even already slender, I found myself shedding a few more pounds just from being in my life more fully.  This always happens at these moments.  I talked yesterday with friends who said that they too always lose weight when they are either traveling or engaged in a film project (what they love).

It's something I use in coaching often.  Asking clients what they really really want.  Most of them think they'll never actually have it.  Believing they have the odds of winning the lottery in obtaining their dreams.  It isn't at all true, so we start opening up the possibilities starting with small goals they can achieve each day.  I give out a sheet that I like to use for creating new habits.  A tracking system that is simple and effective.  When you start seeing your progress with little check marks it can spur you to keep going and build momentum.  What ever it is you want to do, clean up from the inside and stay inspired.  You will get there and have have much happier days...

One instant trick is to stop and reframe the negative chatter in your head.  Instead of having to do something - you get to do something.  Instead of someone forcing you to do a task, you are being of service where it is needed.  Play with reframing and see how quickly you can go from frustration to happiness.  It works.

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