Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slimmer By The Fourth of July

It's the first week of June and fairly easy to stay out of a bikini, but by the fourth of July, the beach/pool parties start heating up.  The bathing suit might fit, but what about cellulite, sags and bags or little bits of fat you never noticed until now?  Let them go and feel fabulous as you step out in your sneakers or flip-flops.  Any age can benefit from a little internal clean up.

Parsley does more than freshen your breath, it also has a little fat dissolving property to it, similar to cilantro.  Most dark sturdy greens give you the benefits of chlorphil that can remove toxins.  Remember it's stored toxins that create those unsightly cellulite bulges.  The more you strip out, the better you'll look and feel.

Whole grains work wonders, so don't confuse refined carbs with the real deal, despite silly misleading labels touting whole grains in bread, crackers and cereal, even cake... they're not whole if you can't plant them.  (Oh if I could only have a Babycakes tree sprouting pastries and cupcakes...)

Get in the kitchen and use small amounts of good oils.  Another culprit to your best bikini body is too much fat that could have been overheated or inferior quality.  Fat brings out flavors and is easy to like in your take-out or other pre-made items.  Restaurants want you to love them and often use more fat than you would ever consume in your home on your own.  There is one oil you don't cook with that can help eliminate the bad fats, that's flax.  Great for the heart and circulatory system, a little flax on grain or salad goes a long way for flavor and looking great.

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