Monday, June 11, 2012

Small changes can equal HUGE results

It always amazes me, when I travel and stay in various places, how differently a gas stove will create the same food over an electric, or how different pans cook so differently.  That the same item, like millet or rice or anything simple like that could have such differences in flavor or fluffiness from the pan, the heat, the water or where it was grown.  Little things make a big difference.  (Yes, that was a title of a booklet I did....) Everything counts.

Your thoughts dictate your actions and you body is so influential on your thinking.  Ask any woman how uncontrollable her moods might feel at certain times of the month.  What you eat fuels your cells and will support quick creative thinking or zap you into fighting with your emotional states.  Trust me, I did the Tony Robbins stuff and it can't hold a candle to good eating.

Simple foods ground and center you.  I woke up and made millet with blueberries and twig tea this morning and feel ready to tackle the day with a smile, despite traveling, sleeping less than usual, worries over some things I need to take care of, and even being "that" time of the month.  Little flares of unpleasant emotions don't surface because my guts are calm and my cells are nourished and not screaming at me causing cravings or excess emotional states.  I used to have a lot of those before knowing how foods work.

It takes a little discipline and new habits and patterns.  If you are in the habit of a certain breakfast or a late night snack that you make excuses for, it can be a little painful if you try to change it.  You will look for reasons that it works for you, or why it isn't so bad, but deep down you know the excuses are so you don't have to face the pain of letting go of the pleasure it brings you even if it causes more pain in the long run.

Facing it and and making the switch to a new habit that is more supportive isn't going to feel comfortable.  That is where coaching through the switch can help.  It's why I created a four session package.  Four sessions gives you the exact amount of time to replace a habit and continue it forever.  What do you want for your life right now?  What could you start today to replace an old habit with something better?  How are you going to keep it going long enough to make it permanent?  Small things can make a huge change if you stick to them.  Begin right now.

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