Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go The Extra to Let Go of Your Excess

I was just reading a post from a speaker who goes to colleges giving students networking advice.  He was talking about how much people complain and blame and that they need to take actions instead.  That works for every area of your life.

How much do you grumble, justify, or blame some aspect of your body? Weight? Finances? Relationships? What about where you live, your wardrobe or career?  What would you like instead?

Would you be willing to go the extra step each day to have what you want?  What's your excuse?  Do you say you can't spend the extra dollars to buy organic or purchase a coaching session?  Then find yourself spending twice as much on doctors, potions and pills? Are you too tired to exercise or have you discovered that if you're tired exercise perks you up?

The speakers approach was to be generous and proactive.  He suggested sending small thoughtful gifts such as a guidebook to a boss going on vacation.  I am housesitting at the moment and since they don't have a sharp kitchen knife I'm taking theirs to be sharpened and filling the fridge with their favorite beer for when they return.  My small gestures might only get a slight nod of appreciation but just like what you eat, everything counts.  It's about how you feel about yourself.  They might not notice but I know I've contributed.

I had a thoughtful friend give me a goodie bag of fun little gifts last December for my graduation that still warms my heart six months later.  What do I think of when I think of her?  Only good things. She also gets the benefits and it shows up on the body.  One small gift isn't going to clear a back pain but the continually doing things in directions you can feel good about can.  Your body is always listening as well as the rest of your life.

What area do you sweep under the rug and don't want to look at?  Where can you begin taking small actions today.  Exercise for twenty minutes?  Try a new recipe?  Send that physical greeting card?  Feeling good in one area often leads to actions and feeling good in others, just as the stress of a problem area can lead to physical symptoms from migraines to mishaps or overeating to cover.  Stop the negative cycles today and get yourself on a winning track.  Make a plan and take some action.

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