Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coming To California - June/July 2012

It's been a little more than two years since I left sunny Santa Monica for the streets of New York.  For those doing phone coaching sessions, where I am really matters little since the internet and phones work most everywhere.  Sometimes nothing beats being there. 

If you have been wanting to do an in person session, now is your chance in California.  I'll be in the Hollywood area for most of June and July, so book now before all of the time slots are filled up. 

You can do an in person session to:

  • Clear your resistance/blocks to having what you want.
  • Learn about new foods and what they do for you.  (super slimming daikon, energy boosting burdock, etc.)
  • Have a personalized market tour. 
  • Private cooking class (make what you want to learn and take home the recipes.)
  • Get the motivation and inspiration you need to be successful with your goals right now!

I would love to work with you and get you on track.  I am in L.A. for several reasons that will be filling much of my time, so I do stress that you book now and get the 2011 rates That goes for phone coaching too.  In the fall the exclusive pricing will be in effect and these rates will only be available for those continuing.

Hope to talk with you - or see you soon!


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