Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go The Extra to Let Go of Your Excess

I was just reading a post from a speaker who goes to colleges giving students networking advice.  He was talking about how much people complain and blame and that they need to take actions instead.  That works for every area of your life.

How much do you grumble, justify, or blame some aspect of your body? Weight? Finances? Relationships? What about where you live, your wardrobe or career?  What would you like instead?

Would you be willing to go the extra step each day to have what you want?  What's your excuse?  Do you say you can't spend the extra dollars to buy organic or purchase a coaching session?  Then find yourself spending twice as much on doctors, potions and pills? Are you too tired to exercise or have you discovered that if you're tired exercise perks you up?

The speakers approach was to be generous and proactive.  He suggested sending small thoughtful gifts such as a guidebook to a boss going on vacation.  I am housesitting at the moment and since they don't have a sharp kitchen knife I'm taking theirs to be sharpened and filling the fridge with their favorite beer for when they return.  My small gestures might only get a slight nod of appreciation but just like what you eat, everything counts.  It's about how you feel about yourself.  They might not notice but I know I've contributed.

I had a thoughtful friend give me a goodie bag of fun little gifts last December for my graduation that still warms my heart six months later.  What do I think of when I think of her?  Only good things. She also gets the benefits and it shows up on the body.  One small gift isn't going to clear a back pain but the continually doing things in directions you can feel good about can.  Your body is always listening as well as the rest of your life.

What area do you sweep under the rug and don't want to look at?  Where can you begin taking small actions today.  Exercise for twenty minutes?  Try a new recipe?  Send that physical greeting card?  Feeling good in one area often leads to actions and feeling good in others, just as the stress of a problem area can lead to physical symptoms from migraines to mishaps or overeating to cover.  Stop the negative cycles today and get yourself on a winning track.  Make a plan and take some action.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tempeh - You Can Make it Delicious - Gluten Free, Macrobiotic, Vegetarian, Vegan and so good a meat eater will like it.

Unlike tofu, tempeh is a soy product that must be cooked. (please only buy organic so you don't support GMO) Originally from Indonesia, it lends itself nicely to Asian inspired dishes but also quite versatile.  Here are a couple of my favorite recipes:

Spicy Sweet Meaty Tempeh

As I’m always experimenting to see how thing come out, I created this recipe really not knowing how it would turn out.  The marinade gets better as it bakes on so don’t judge it until it’s cooked.  Adjust the seasonings to your own liking.  This amount is good for 3 portions and if you are single make the whole recipe and use one or two portions and freeze the rest for later use if you like (or make a double batch and freeze making twice as worth the effort).  It’s great on it’s own, in a sandwich or cut up in a salad.

1 8oz. package of Tempeh, cut into 6 strips
2 T. rice bran oil (my favorite oil for cooking tempeh as it comes out moister than other types of oil.
2-3 T. maple syrup
3 T. Tamari
3 small garlic cloves, peeled
1/2 onion, chopped
1/2 – 1 tsp. ginger powder
1/2 – tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. dried Thyme
Pinch of sea salt and a dash of white pepper
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Juice of 1 small orange
Juice of 1/2 large lemon

Steam the tempeh for 20 minutes.  Place the remaining ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour the marinade in a dish. (A glass loaf pan works nicely.) Place the steamed tempeh in the marinade coating both sides and submerging the strips as best you can.  Place in the refrigerator over night.  Pre-heat your oven to 425°F and bake the tempeh on a parchment lined baking sheet for about 20 minutes until it starts looking browned.  

Scrumptious Tempeh Strips

A bit like bacon.  Use it for breakfast, in sandwiches, salads or anything you like.

One package of Tempeh. (8oz) (cut into 1/4 inch strips)
2-3 cloves garlic, sliced thin
2Tablespoons white miso paste
1 teaspoon prepared yellow mustard
2 bay leaves
1/2 – 3/4 Cup boiling water
white pepper (1/4 tsp. or a couple of twirls of your grinder)

Dissolve the miso in the water and add the rest of the sauce ingredients.  Add the tempeh strips. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.  Oil a baking dish and remove the tempeh from the marinade and lay them in the baking dish.  Broil until crisp and browned 5-10 minutes and then turn over and broil the other side.  


Monday, June 25, 2012

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Did you read the one about livng to 100?

I just read a post on Yahoo: and eating right along with sleep are the two areas they say many are falling short.  Diet can improve sleep.  If you need a supplement, I very much like Teanine because you don't wake up groggy.  It just helps to relax the nervous system and seems good to take in the evening when you want to get a good deep sleep that night. 

Waking up refreshed, as many of you know, will curb the snacking many people do when they want some fuel to keep going from fatigue. 

For the diet part, well keep reading this blog or go sign up for a session at and get going now.  You won't just live longer - you'll look and feel terrific along the way.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Solutions For Instant Happiness - This blog could change your life....

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that
commands your thoughts, liberates your
energy, and inspires your hopes."
- Andrew Carnegie

I just saw this quote yesterday and loved it.  So many people come to me with health issues, weight problems and emotional angst, but all have one thing in common.  They are searching for more happiness.  I don't think that ever stops really.  Even when you are very happy with your life, there is always a next level to shoot for and a next.  Even the spiritual seek higher levels of their devotion.  So what will make you happier?  It's not in a bag or a jar.

Happiness and inspiration will support everything you do and it's up to you to get into that zone.  Paradoxically, eating well aids in being happier.  Ironically, those who would like to be happier often seek substances that provide momentary pleasure then quite often lead to depression.  The cleaner you are inside, the more energy you will have.  Whole grains (not bread, crackers, cakes, etc.) are full of fiber that helps sweep away some of the gunked up residue from eating sticky white flour, dairy or drugs.  Not as powerful as herbs or clay but a good daily thing to eat to stay clean inside.  

Grains alone are not the answer.  A well rounded diet with legumes, a good variety of vegetables and a little fruit and animal foods can make up a good clean diet.  Alcohol and sweets being fun treats now and again, not every single day.  

If you are someone who must have the glass of wine each night, the nightcap, the cocktail or think beer is a whole grain, you might try an experiment.  Can you go without the substance for more than a month and still be happy?  How about two days?  If you are creating a life you love with goals that inspire you, you won't miss the drinks or the sweet treats because life will pull you along.  

I have recently been on a journey, putting my things in storage in NY, I went to New Hampshire and then California.  I've enjoyed seeing family and friends and working on some writing projects.  I have so much to fill in my day and food is just one little enjoyable part and not the thing I'm looking forward to. I'm enjoying it all.  Even already slender, I found myself shedding a few more pounds just from being in my life more fully.  This always happens at these moments.  I talked yesterday with friends who said that they too always lose weight when they are either traveling or engaged in a film project (what they love).

It's something I use in coaching often.  Asking clients what they really really want.  Most of them think they'll never actually have it.  Believing they have the odds of winning the lottery in obtaining their dreams.  It isn't at all true, so we start opening up the possibilities starting with small goals they can achieve each day.  I give out a sheet that I like to use for creating new habits.  A tracking system that is simple and effective.  When you start seeing your progress with little check marks it can spur you to keep going and build momentum.  What ever it is you want to do, clean up from the inside and stay inspired.  You will get there and have have much happier days...

One instant trick is to stop and reframe the negative chatter in your head.  Instead of having to do something - you get to do something.  Instead of someone forcing you to do a task, you are being of service where it is needed.  Play with reframing and see how quickly you can go from frustration to happiness.  It works.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Small changes can equal HUGE results

It always amazes me, when I travel and stay in various places, how differently a gas stove will create the same food over an electric, or how different pans cook so differently.  That the same item, like millet or rice or anything simple like that could have such differences in flavor or fluffiness from the pan, the heat, the water or where it was grown.  Little things make a big difference.  (Yes, that was a title of a booklet I did....) Everything counts.

Your thoughts dictate your actions and you body is so influential on your thinking.  Ask any woman how uncontrollable her moods might feel at certain times of the month.  What you eat fuels your cells and will support quick creative thinking or zap you into fighting with your emotional states.  Trust me, I did the Tony Robbins stuff and it can't hold a candle to good eating.

Simple foods ground and center you.  I woke up and made millet with blueberries and twig tea this morning and feel ready to tackle the day with a smile, despite traveling, sleeping less than usual, worries over some things I need to take care of, and even being "that" time of the month.  Little flares of unpleasant emotions don't surface because my guts are calm and my cells are nourished and not screaming at me causing cravings or excess emotional states.  I used to have a lot of those before knowing how foods work.

It takes a little discipline and new habits and patterns.  If you are in the habit of a certain breakfast or a late night snack that you make excuses for, it can be a little painful if you try to change it.  You will look for reasons that it works for you, or why it isn't so bad, but deep down you know the excuses are so you don't have to face the pain of letting go of the pleasure it brings you even if it causes more pain in the long run.

Facing it and and making the switch to a new habit that is more supportive isn't going to feel comfortable.  That is where coaching through the switch can help.  It's why I created a four session package.  Four sessions gives you the exact amount of time to replace a habit and continue it forever.  What do you want for your life right now?  What could you start today to replace an old habit with something better?  How are you going to keep it going long enough to make it permanent?  Small things can make a huge change if you stick to them.  Begin right now.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slimmer By The Fourth of July

It's the first week of June and fairly easy to stay out of a bikini, but by the fourth of July, the beach/pool parties start heating up.  The bathing suit might fit, but what about cellulite, sags and bags or little bits of fat you never noticed until now?  Let them go and feel fabulous as you step out in your sneakers or flip-flops.  Any age can benefit from a little internal clean up.

Parsley does more than freshen your breath, it also has a little fat dissolving property to it, similar to cilantro.  Most dark sturdy greens give you the benefits of chlorphil that can remove toxins.  Remember it's stored toxins that create those unsightly cellulite bulges.  The more you strip out, the better you'll look and feel.

Whole grains work wonders, so don't confuse refined carbs with the real deal, despite silly misleading labels touting whole grains in bread, crackers and cereal, even cake... they're not whole if you can't plant them.  (Oh if I could only have a Babycakes tree sprouting pastries and cupcakes...)

Get in the kitchen and use small amounts of good oils.  Another culprit to your best bikini body is too much fat that could have been overheated or inferior quality.  Fat brings out flavors and is easy to like in your take-out or other pre-made items.  Restaurants want you to love them and often use more fat than you would ever consume in your home on your own.  There is one oil you don't cook with that can help eliminate the bad fats, that's flax.  Great for the heart and circulatory system, a little flax on grain or salad goes a long way for flavor and looking great.

Get more tips and your personalized coaching session at

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coming To California - June/July 2012

It's been a little more than two years since I left sunny Santa Monica for the streets of New York.  For those doing phone coaching sessions, where I am really matters little since the internet and phones work most everywhere.  Sometimes nothing beats being there. 

If you have been wanting to do an in person session, now is your chance in California.  I'll be in the Hollywood area for most of June and July, so book now before all of the time slots are filled up. 

You can do an in person session to:

  • Clear your resistance/blocks to having what you want.
  • Learn about new foods and what they do for you.  (super slimming daikon, energy boosting burdock, etc.)
  • Have a personalized market tour. 
  • Private cooking class (make what you want to learn and take home the recipes.)
  • Get the motivation and inspiration you need to be successful with your goals right now!

I would love to work with you and get you on track.  I am in L.A. for several reasons that will be filling much of my time, so I do stress that you book now and get the 2011 rates That goes for phone coaching too.  In the fall the exclusive pricing will be in effect and these rates will only be available for those continuing.

Hope to talk with you - or see you soon!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun Food Fact For Today - Basil's Big Benefits!

Basil is one of those herbs that could almost be a vegetable it is used so widely.  I love that Basil is good for restoring balance.  

 It has been used to relieve headaches, menstrual pain, mild depression, treat fevers, colds, bacterial infections and more.  I love it in a soup, salad, or my pumpkin seed pesto that is in the Candida FreeCookbook.   

One very nice tidbit about basil is that mosquitoes do not like it.  It’s a repellant you can plant, so if you are creating your garden right now, include some basil.  You could even put it in your window boxes around your home.  Enjoy it year round.