Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What kind of summer are you jumping into? - Gluten Free - Macrobiotic - Vegan - Hedonisonist - locovoire?

With so many labels to choose from and summer just days from the official start, how do you want to look and feel right now and all summer long?  Jump into the you you enjoy.  Start today.

If you want a better body, what are you willing to begin right now and continue all summer long?  Yoga, walking, biking, pilates, swimming, skipping, rowing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, boarding, skipping stones, softball, cartwheels, gardening...?  

If you want to be happier and enjoy your relationships more, what are you willing to begin today?  Smiling more, and complaining less, dropping the blame and visioning a future that makes you grin from ear to ear?

Are you willing to proactively take the steps to having this summer be transformational and one you will remember forever?  One where you are proud to be the example for your kids, friends and family?  One where you stop complaining internally or externally or running the patterns that keep you feeling badly about some aspect of your life?

It's not about hitching yourself to a label.  A diet book won't save you.  You can rant with the Skinny Bitch books, or attend a macrobiotic conference and bolster yourself up with elitism, feel like your saving the world becoming vegan and recycling the magazines and cardboard boxes from your new shoes, or really become the person you want to be inside and out by making significant, consistent small changes in your day.

Whole - istic - doesn't stop at salads, or having the quinoa instead of the bread.  It is also about noticing where you play small, make excuses and try to run, duck and cover to save yourself instead of being one of the few people who confidently and happily walks into their life getting miracles daily and handles most things with ease.

I was coaching with several coaches before becoming one myself.  In fact I studied with all kinds of teachers from Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, to a woman who specialized in a new way to cure eating disorders, an incredible acting coach who turned life coach, many many food specialists, doctors, and even dated a handsome life coach I first heard on the radio in my car.  Each one changed me for the better.  There were miracles and there were small changes, but I have all of that forever and it has served me in the day to day living my life far more wonderfully.  Never having to dislike my body again and handling things with far more grace and ease.  No, I'm not done and perfect and incredibly rich yet, but I'm steadily - happily working on my own dreams.  What are yours.  Begin having them right now.

If you need a little help - grab a coaching session.

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