Friday, May 4, 2012

Weight Loss Can Be Your Wallet's Gain

I went to an early morning food lecture this morning which I found gave me some good things to think about.  The role politics plays in our food is not something I really want to be thinking about but unfortunately is vital to our health and our wallets.

On the way home I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few items.  (A little roast beef and a tomato to use in a sandwich for lunch, a bottle of bio-K plus (try to get one in once a week...), 3 figs to snack on later, and a bottle of Harmless Harvest coconut water - in case you were wondering...)  In New York the Whole Foods Markets have scales you put your bulk items on and it spits out a sticker with the price and a barcode.  My three figs were 96 cents.  As I was checking out, I looked at the screen and saw they scanned as bulk peanut butter at $5.24.  I told the girl helping me and she couldn't get it to scan, the manager couldn't get it to scan and so they just gave me my three figs without a charge.  That was nice of them, good that I was watching.  How many of you check every time to make sure the bill is correct?  What if you had gone home and saw you had been overcharged by $4.28?  Would you go back and tell them or just chalk it up to a mistake?  If that happened every time you shopped, hopefully you would finally complain and want the money back, or not to shop there anymore.

Only that is exactly what people do every time they look the other way when they consume non food food.  You are not just being overcharged, but consuming calories that do nothing for you and potentially give you everything you don't want when you eat foods that are not exactly whole.  (unhealthy weight gain, the road to diabetes, heart disease, cancer or any number of health problems...) 

In the lecture I recall one figure she used was how Kellogg's spent more than $40,000,000 in advertising for one year, on pop tarts.  That means pop tart sales must have profited at something like 80 million.  That is a crazy amount of pop tart eating.  Pop tarts don't even compare to candy bars or cereal in advertising dollars spent. 

Indulgences cost more or less depending on a persons constitution and condition.  What will give one person a new wrinkle, could be the start of heart disease for someone else.  The figures of what is bought per year of non food food is mind boggling.  Especially when I think of how much less one can spend for nutrient rich, life giving real foods.  Its just probably easier for so many people to understand how to rip open a packet than to have chop a couple of vegetables.

If you know someone who could use the 101 on cooking fast, healthy and easy.  Be sure to send them this link or better yet - sign them up for a session.


Alice said...

Hi Susan,

I had a similar experience at my local Whole Foods Market - they couldn't get a Thai coconut to scan properly, so they ended up just giving it to me, which just made me feel so special! I remember the first time you mentioned Harmless Harvest and now I pick up a bottle or two whenever I go and I secretly thank you each time for making me aware of this wonderful product! I notice it in more and more markets here in the CT-Massachusetts area where I shop. As for overcharging, I also try to pay attention as the items are scanning, but sometimes I get distracted or am busy bagging up my stuff so I don't pay enough attention, but I'll review the receipt in my car before I leave and yes, I will go back in and have them correct it, refund, whatever. Sometimes I feel like a "cheapie" doing it, but hey, it's my hard-earned money and I choose to spend my money purchasing organic, local foods whenever possible because that's important to me, so I'm paying a premium in many cases anyway - I don't want to overpay either! What is bio-K, Susan?

Susan Marque said...

Hi Alice, glad you check and that you are eating well. Bio-K I mention often ( is a good probiotic. I like to take one once a week for maintaining the good flora and then every day for a week after anything stressful...