Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Unfounded Fear - Food is Your Recipe for Looking and Feeling Incredible

Fear drives me, I realize that.  Fear of being sick again can cause anyone to cling to their ume extract or their gojee berry juice.  Health nuts used to be the brunt of jokes until there started to be more and more people not just curing their cancer or diabetes, but finding out how magical life can be.

It's kind of funny that many have to learn how to eat food.  No more opening a package as a dinner, or microwaving a bag, leaves many people thinking that their going to have to slave away over a hot stove.  Then they start realizing just how easy cooking up great foods can be.

The recent flourless pancake recipe I posted got more hits than most of my posts.  I am pulling out the old easy homemade sherbert recipe to enjoy on these warm spring evenings.  I like changing the fruits in it to make a nice variety.  When I really want to do a super fast treat, I've now tried the frozen mango, blended with lime and agave that also makes instant sorbet.  It's delicious.  There is just fear of doing it wrong or that it won't taste as good as the store bought things.  Usually it's better and that keeps people trying more and more.

One time I did a hearty tempeh dish with a new friend.  He had never tried tempeh and wasn't very comfortable in the kitchen.  When he saw how quickly it could be prepared and then tasted the results, he was an instant convert.  That's all it takes to drop some fears.  Realizing there is nothing to be afraid of.  That's when the energy opens up and unrelated good things start popping up.  You let go of one fear here and another one drops there.  You try jicama for the first time and get an unexpected bonus or maybe discover a whole new way to prepare beans and not only have better digestion, clear skin and more energy, you find a $100 dollar bill on the ground.  (really happened....)  You never know what can show up if you are willing to step into possibility.  Go ahead and step in where you are afraid, if you need a coach to push you through, we're here to help.

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