Sunday, May 27, 2012

Temptation - What to do when it's all around you.

It's the official summer kick off.  A nice excuse to put something over that bathing suit and indulge in extra alcohol and treats, or let that belly hang out while you catch some sun?  Really far too many people complain about the cellulite on their thighs while swigging a diet coke, and then go for two drinks and an ice cream.  Because it's summer right?


There is always a birthday, a party, a special occasion of some kind happening.  Food is an easy indulgence.  A quick burst of mood raising chemicals.   Of course everyone wants to be part of the party or not offend their host.  So what do you do when you'd like to be leaner, healthier, happier (all those extras are a often a nice prescription for a downward mood spiral...) and enjoy the season?

First set your own limits.  You know your body better than anyone.  Better than your doctor, spouse or mom.  You know one drink is less harmful than two, that Babycakes, Coconut Bliss, or your homemade desserts (with agave, spelt, etc.) are better for you than their cane sugar counterparts.  If you are used to taking the easy route and just eating what's in front of you, you probably ought to get some coaching sessions.  Trust that tiny little voice inside, and start honoring it.  The more you do, the more you will be able to hear it when it says to stop at one ear of corn with honey butter, or to skip the alcohol drinks and sip on a cool lemon, lime, mint and agave swirl. 

Secondly, use the word "later."  Postponing the indulgence for either another time when it might be better.  (You're less run down or haven't just eaten a big meal, for example.)  Waiting for a time when you can get things you feel good about.

Or, bring some of your homemade goodies with you.  I've baked cookies or picked up a Mainis bakery cake along the way to a gathering and then I had things to eat while my friends felt even better about their celebration.  A pitcher of organic mint limeade sweetened with raw honey or agave will be welcome with or without the vodka.  Blend with ice to make it extra cooling.

Thirdly, enjoy the people and the moments.  When you are enjoying yourself, the conversations, connections, being in the environment and not looking for the food to be your pleasure source, you get to have a richer life and a smaller waistline.

Watch your thoughts about the food.  Most likely you'll be able to eat something else later if there isn't much for now.  Shift your focus to all of the other pleasure surrounding you and go fly a kite with your nephew, skip some stones with a friend, or ask if anyone wants to take a hike and explore.

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