Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick Tea Transformations - Drinks that do more than taste good.

I had a busy day today and ended up grabbing a burrito (rice, beans, lettuce and guacamole) at Chipolte.  What is wrong with their food?  I have memories of it being good in L.A. but here in NY there is too much poor quality salt and some sort of glutimate in it.  Delicious while you eat it and then wham, headache, thirst, fatigue....  Food is supposed to make you feel good not bad.

Well of course there are many remedies, but salt gets whisked away with lemon or lime.  I walked over to the terrific little 4th street Co-op.  No lemons, just limes (and some swell chickory...) so I got those and a little dried peppermint.  Not having the patience for first brewing the peppermint into tea, I just tossed some of the dried leaves into a glass of water, added the juice of two limes, raw honey and voila.  Delicious, and I instantly felt better.

I also am remembering to buy a box of raspberry leaf tea tomorrow.  It's marked on my calendar because it's that time of the month.  I used to just recommend it for pregnancy and new moms as it helps the uterus be toned, eases morning sickness and labor and is even good for fertility.  Then I started using it for cramps and it works great.  In fact it works great for so many female complaints and is just fine for men too.  The leaf has calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, E, iron and more.  Reducing most PMS related symptoms.

What's your favorite tea remedy?

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