Monday, May 7, 2012

Packing For A Trip or A Move - Plan Food Ahead

Packing makes me happy.  It means I'm off to the next adventure.  Packing for a trip or, what I'm doing right now is boxing everything up for a move.  When you are packing, think ahead to how you will get food.  If you are packing your home up, will you keep a pot out for making breakfast before you leave?  Where will you get lunch?  Snacks?  Water is often the only good option on a plane or in a train station.

I will toast some seeds ahead of time, sprinkled with ume vinegar or Tamari and have them in my backpack or purse.  I'll usually also bring a little dried fruit or an apple and a sandwich.  Because the last day before moving or leaving for a trip involves cleaning out the fridge, I most likely purchase a wrap or sandwich from a local restaurant or health food store.  Unless I've managed to keep just what I need to make myself something.  Don't assume you will be able to find something along the way.  That might leave you no options between starving and eating oreos for a meal.   I've had my share of french fry meals and that leaves your immunity low and not feeling so great.  A few minutes of planning for yourself and your family, can make your journey that much happier.

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