Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Look Underneath For Permanent Results

Yesterday someone emailed me for a yeast infection cure.  The short answer was to stop feeding the yeast by eating things yeast likes, such as sweets,  (Yes that includes fruit.) and take a supplement that would destroy the yeast.  Both are addressing the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

To make permanent changes in your health, weight, or any area of your life.  Look at what are some of the root causes to your problem.  Are you living with too much stress?  Is there an issue you don't want to address?  Are you getting enough sleep?  How are your relationships?  All of these and more will affect your physical body. 

Many women come to me with yeast problems who don't want to confront their partner and the fundamental flaws in their relationship.  Maybe they got married to someone who was "good enough" because it was time to have a baby, or time to start living their idea of what they wanted, when it wasn't really what they wanted at all. 

Yeast infections are a non verbal way to push intimacy away.  No one is going to argue with you when you have a medical condition.  Unfortunately if the issues that are really causing the condition are never addressed, symptoms can get worse instead of better.  It's not the fault of the remedy but many people will go from doctor to doctor or practitioner to practitioner and try every pill, potion or food plan with minimal results.  Save your time and money and get really honest with yourself.

Do you hate your job but feel you must stay in it?  Are you completely overwhelmed with no way out?  How could you shift what you think to feel better?  Are you willing?  You can transform your relationship to other people, places and things, drop childhood traumas and step into the most power filled (and healthy) you.  Sometimes it is as simple as writing down what is going on, asking yourself the deep questions.  Usually the best results will come from working with someone.  Grab a coach, a healer or mental health professional and pull up the roots that have been pulling you down.  (Yeast is like a weed after all.)

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