Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All Mom's

What Mom wouldn't want to feel sexier this summer?  Put a little sizzle in her step,  be her favorite weight, and even look younger?  That is the beauty of eating so many foods that are rich with life.  You can have that and more.

Michelle Pfeiffer looks incredible but I bet she's had some expensive assistance to look that great.  You can do it with the choices you make right on your plate.  The key is to be consistent.  One week of Hato Mugi barley might make your skin glow but it won't transform your body.  A couple of weeks of daikon radish and you will probably shed a few pounds (using it liberally or in a specific remedy you'll get from your coach.) but the benefits compound like interest on your investment when you are consistently eating natural whole foods every day. 

Don't fool yourself into thinking that a salad cancels out the doughnut or having sugar laden yogurt every night doesn't count because it has enzymes.  Justifying what you eat is what gets you into fat pants or hiding your arms.  Advertising wants you to justify and make processed items seem like they're good for you.  You know better.  Now get busy learning even more, and take your health, weight, and mind to the next level.  There is no better time to begin.  Start today.  (okay, one last justification - start after that amazing brunch you already had planned.)

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