Monday, April 9, 2012

Your Go To Plan

A asked me for some "Go-To" meals.  Easy things that she could always fall back on when pressed for time or inspiration.  They made her feel safe, and better than bringing out the PB&J or ramen noodles.  We all have our go-to foods.  Some rely on Captain Crunch or bars but those won't leave you feeling all that great in the long run.  Sometimes a fast stir fry type meal or tofu scramble can fit in perfectly. 

Knowing how to work with simple foods can make all the difference.  If you haven't soaked your grain, don't worry.  Quinoa will cook up in 20 minutes, and toasted millet in about 15.  (Just dry roast in your pot until fragrant then add water and cook as usual.) Canned organic beans are great to have on hand for a super fast soup, stew or to toss in a salad.

Tonight I made a lovely dinner with what I had on hand:
leek, carrot, ramps, celery and burdock. 

Chop the vegetables and place in a heated pan with a small amount of oil.  Fry for a couple of minutes.  Add any herbs you might have such as basil or tarragon.  Add a large spoonful of flour and then add about a half cup of water mixed with some white miso paste.  Stir over medium heat and add any protein you like.  (I had tofu.) If you need to add more water just increase by a quarter cup at a time. Stir over the heat to get a creamy sauce.  Let it cook until the vegetables and protein are done to your taste.

Eat as is or pour over cooked grain, noodles, toast or waffles.

Once you have done a meal like this you will be even quicker the next time and can create variations.  Now it's in your repetoire as something you can go to when ever the mood suits you.  Try one new recipe a week and you'll have 52 new go-to items in a year.

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