Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why I Love Bar Keepers Friend

Burned pots do happen.  Yep, I get absent minded and haven't set  a timer or arrogantly think I don't need one.  Often I don't and then I'll get absorbed on the Internet or writing something and I start smelling the odor of burning food.  Usually I can save the meal but worry if the pot will survive.  With Bar Keepers Friend it does every time.  Like new!

It's one of those items I can always count on Bed Bath and Beyond to carry.  I like the powder better than the liquid.  It works great to clean everything in my kitchen and bathroom and doesn't send up fumes.  Other cleaners make me gag and feel terrible.  I do wear gloves though.  Gotta protect my sensitive skin, but most people have no reactions.  It clears the grease, grime, even rust away.  Definitely a good cleaning buddy for someone who doesn't really like to clean.

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Anonymous said...

I Love Bar Keepers Friend too. It does wonders for the copper bottoms of my pans. It works great on my new glass/ceramic cooktop. I also love that it does not have fumes. The absolute best part is the price.