Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Healthy Eating Feels Like a Chore

Opening a box and pouring into a bowl or directly in your mouth is admittedly faster than cooking something to eat.  It's just not going to feel as good the next day or the day after.  When you are tired, cranky and having blind cravings.

Finding a restaurant that serves clean food might take a little longer or take you a little out of your way.

I realize that sometimes choosing to eat what makes you feel your best can be a pain in the rear.  It just is worth the extra effort.  It's worth making more food than you will need so the next day you do have things you don't need to cook.  It's worth making even more than that, and freezing it for the future. 

Food is the basis of your energy, moods, the quality of your skin and what is bathing your cells.  If you are basing your choices purely on taste, there are some scientists out there grinning - or crying.  Packaged food is scientifically developed to not just taste good, but get you to eat more of it.  When you avoid processed foods, including the sugar laced tomato sauce, salad dressing, ketchup or even soy milk - you avoid the moods, weight gain, cloudy thinking and joint pains. 

It's springtime and a great time to get reacquainted with fruits as your favorite sweets, vegetables as a main part of your diet and many whole grains that can be deeply satisfying.  Grab some amaranth for breakfast cereal, some quinoa for a salad and some jobs tears barley to get your skin glowing.

Having the experience of consistently eating a whole foods diet where you are feeling fantastic can be enough to realize, a little extra effort can go a long way.  If not, grab a coaching session and let go of your own blocks to a larger life.

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