Monday, April 23, 2012

Time to Shape Up For Summer - Grab a Session at the 2011 rates

Mother's Day ads are popping up like popcorn.  It must be big business for some.  What mother doesn't rejoice when her offspring look gorgeous?  Or when she herself shines and feels her best?  We're all about defying our age, especially after the kids have started growing.

Learning how to eat to create a vibrant, energized and completely well body is worth putting the time and money into, because of the years of joy you get from eating a few new foods.

Do you know the seven best vegetable to eat to dissolve fat?  Yes they really work.  What about the right foods to include for great skin?  Do you know which foods will curb your cravings and stop the sugar addiction wheel forever?  There is one food even touted for killing the desire for alcohol. 

Learn more now and save!  Get the 2011 rates and sign up for a session to have your summer body before you hit the beach.

Give a gift to a mom or yourself.  You are worth it.  A gift you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

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