Monday, April 2, 2012

Rock Your Inner Rebel

Most of us have a rebellious streak.   We're not going to go all Charlie Sheen.  No, most folks keep their rebel under wraps.  Even the tattoos or piercings are strategically placed so only the most intimate friends know they have one. (or more.) Instead the rebel might just be whispering in your ear to eat another cookie, break open the ice cream or have another drink.  There could be thoughts like "You deserve it.  You work hard.  What's the big deal?"  or excuses like, "I'm starting that diet tomorrow anyway.  I'm going to start working out so I need the energy."

If you have read Wayne Dyer or listened to Joe Vitale,  maybe taken a course in NLP or a training with Caroline Myss, you know what you really believe is what is coming out as the tangible results you are experiencing.  There is a payoff for your actions.  Any coach or therapist would agree.  Unfortunately the payoff is usually so that you can feed your rebel and then feel guilty because you don't think that is who you really ought to be.

Allow yourself to feel great.  Embrace that rebel and give him/her positive outlets so you will stop after the first drink or the first scoop.  So that there won't be a feeling of being pushed and pulled and never landing where you want to be.  So you can start living the life that makes you happy and not hiding under wraps, "fat pants" or Spanx! (They even have girdles for men who want to hide their you really think you are so bad as to be punished all day wearing this stuff?)

Belief change work is difficult to do alone.  Grab a coach, therapist or even a friend who wants to work on this with you, along with some good reading and start designing anew.  Giving your rebel some breathing room, will also give you more energy.  You can find a fun way to Rock It!!

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