Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love Thy Turnip - Great Snack Idea

Raw turnips were never a turn on for me until I discovered them basking in a bowl with ume vinegar on them.  Ume or umeboshi are Japanese pickled plums that are extremely medicinal.  They can cure a hangover, block a cold, relieve tummy troubles and give you a better boost than coffee.  The brine leftover from making them is bottled and sold as "vinegar" but is not vinegar at all.  It's alkalizing and salty and makes a wonderful seasoning.  It also can quickly change a vegetable that has a bite to something smooth and fun to eat.

For taming your turnips, just peel, slice thin and layer with sprinkles of ume vinegar.  Then leave them alone for an hour or more.  You might want to rinse before you enjoy.

Raw turnip clears heat, aids digestion, cools and strengthens the blood, and is especially high in cancer fighting compounds.  Kinda great for a fun crunchy addition to a salad or sandwich or eaten right out of the bowl.

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