Thursday, April 12, 2012

Local Honey - Sweet Allergy Relief

I never had allergies until I moved to New York City two years ago, just before the trees began to bloom.  Spring is so beautiful, I wanted to get out and enjoy it, only I thought I was coming down with cold.  "You have allergies, just take some non drowsy Claritin," my friend told me.  I didn't like the idea but when you start suffering enough.... I tried it.  One pill and I took it back to the store.  I hate how I feel on drugs.  Homeopathics were only mildly working.  Then someone told me to get honey.

Local raw honey from your area works something like a homeopathic and seems to work better for me.  I mix the honey with cinnamon and eat it straight from a spoon.  In a few minutes I can breath freely and my throat isn't scratchy.  In Manhattan there is a little co-op on 4th street that has a lovely sweet organic one from a local bee farmer.  Honey is naturally antibacterial and an antibiotic.  Some varieties are much more medicinal than others.  Cinnamon is antiinflammatory, a mild pain reliever and both can help clear up congestion.  I wouldn't recommend cinnamon for pregnant women however.  Just enjoy the local honey for some sweet relief!

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