Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healthy Weight Loss Can Be As Easy As Finding Your Grain

With the grain is the way you are supposed to go.  An old saying referring I think more to trees and cutting wood than the grain you eat.  Still, it's a good metaphor for where are you flowing.  When we try to be something that isn't us, it usually ends up showing on our bodies.

Did you read my new blog yet?  Today's bit is about flowing with what your good at.  Finding a good fit.  So many people are trying to stay in jobs they stumbled into, relationships that were never quite right, something they are just doing for the money or until the kids are gone.  Then they wonder why it's so difficult to lose weight or stay healthy.  Others are doing what they love but have gotten into such a crazy schedule that it isn't fun and barely doable.  Some of those types like the challenge but would be better off trying a new sport like rock climbing or tennis, than seeing how much they can cram into each 24 hours period.

It's not about dropping out and finding your dream all at once.  I read some posts on where women are using coaching jargon to "risk" and drop their boring day job for their dream of being a life coach.  Just because you are good at giving advice does not make everyone a good candidate for coaching.  In fact the best coaches I've seen, didn't go to coach schools.  They were knocked around by life enough that they learned some things that enabled them to see differently.  I suspect a good number of these women who are trying to make radical changes will find out that while it sounded like a good idea, something else was really their calling.  It could be realizing that they are a superb secretary, a fabulous customer service rep or a stunning sales person.   It might be taking cooking skills and becoming a private chef or a part time teacher. 

Listen to your body.  If you are stuck in a rut with weight, or health.  Certainly look at your diet and if there are any spots that need improving.  Too acidic, not enough vegetables, need to cut out dairy, etc. than make some changes.  If you are still over eating or too tired or anything else you don't like - look to see if you might be going against your own grain in any way.  If it's hard to discern these things for yourself - grab a session or a good adviser and let them see what you might not be able to yet.  It makes moving forward that much easier.

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