Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get Your Vote in - DWTS

My mom gave me the update for DWTS last night - please go and vote for Melissa.  MG, my mom's trying, said the phone lines are busy... I don't have a TV so I watch online and honestly am a little behind.  I have to say, what a great group, but since I know and love our raven haired beauty - she's the one I'm rooting for.  Hey look you can get vote info right from her site - I'll have to tell my mom.

Here's a Dip you can whip up and enjoy why you wait for the results....

Quick Spinach Dip

2 10oz packages of frozen chopped Spinach
1 Cup Wild Wood Plain Soy Yogurt
4 T. fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup chopped fresh chives
1 15 oz can organic baby lima beans
2-3 medium cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a blender or food processor add the garlic, beans and chives and blend until smooth.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

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