Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes You Can Eat More Weigh Less and Start Having Incredible Crazy Great Results

Do you wake up excited or go groggily looking for the coffee to start your day?  Are you wishing your thighs were smaller but in the moments of choice, you take an extra sliver of cheese or enjoy your beer or wine each night?  What about sweets?  Do they call your name?  Do you look forward to an evening treat?

What about the rest of your life?  Are you too tired for sex or too embarrassed to get out your bikini? Does your back go out, or do you get reflux, stomach pains or little sores regularly and just try to ignore these early warning signs?

It's time to start learning more about whole foods.  Not the ones you see ads for or hear about whole grains in your bread.  Bread is fun.  I like it. I eat it.  I eat more real whole grains and vegetables, beans and smaller portions of meat, chicken or fish.  Why?  Well it was years of learning.  Years of finding out what creates wellness in body and mind and life.  You can literally create miracles if you are willing to let go of some worn out thoughts, energy and food items.

Tastes change.   Things you probably liked as kid are not as appealing anymore.  Sometimes pregnancy or moving to a new location will dictate preferences as well as things like weather.  Start learning more about what your foods are doing for you or against you and it will be easier to shift and do what you know will make you feel fantastic.  Relying on stimulants and supplements is just a cover.  It's like cheating on an exam.  It might seem alright in the beginning but cheating will only make it that much more difficult for you later. 

There is no magic bullet because too much of something will always backfire.  If you are using daikon radish for example every day and more and more to dissolve fat and stay slender - well daikon is also a diuretic.  Too much for too long isn't a nice thing to do to your kidneys.  (Hey coffee is a diuretic too...)

You need a synergistic system you can easily follow that is varied and fun and delicious and oh yes, doable in the real world.  You need to be able to eat in restaurants and have cooking be easy.  Don't dismiss taking care of yourself well by making up excuses.   Shift now and have your life open up in ways you couldn't predict.  What are your favorite vegetables.  Go get them and make a fast and easy dinner with leftovers for the next days lunch.  Get some quinoa, millet, brown rice, and barley.  Just writing this, I'm going to buy some Teff for my breakfast and make a sweet potato and quinoa salad with white beans for lunch.  Their both high energy and I love them.

Start learning what you love and what makes you feel fantastic.

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