Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning - Super Sized Health Booster

Clutter never feels good.  In your body, mind, house, car, everywhere that is all gunked up, overflowing with extra stuff, will slow you down and can cause problems in every area of your life.

Seriously, have you ever walked into someones cluttered house and been worried about knocking something over, or didn't know where to sit?  I've gotten into friends cars where they moved all the stuff on the seat so I could sit down but I wasn't too sure what I was stepping on 'cuz they told me to go ahead and not worry about what was on the floor.  Yikes.  That feels uncomfortable.  It usually feels uncomfortable for the person with the clutter too but they keep it.  It's keeping an obstacle or in coaching lingo - a toleration.

Anything you are tolerating will drain your energy.  Guess what, the tolerations take a toll on your physical well being too.  People with clutter often get constant little ailments they have to deal with.  Sometimes the little things turn into big things.  All that energy of getting pills, salves, potions, running to experts, looking things up on the Internet and shuffling through their clutter is a giant waste.  It's time and energy you could have spent having more fun or putting to better use.

Then think how good it feels to walk into a very nice restaurant or hotel or resort.  Usually there is space.  There is no clutter and everything is immaculate.  You walk in and immediately feel good.  You can breathe.  The body reacts to environment.  Once you clear out the extra and find places for everything, you'll have a system that works.  I've seen people immediately bring in more money or have physical ailments fall away just from cleaning up in a big way.  Not to mention some pretty incredible weight loss stories...

Moving to New York I let go of a lot.  I have not missed the furnishings, the dishes, framed art or all of the clothes.  It is fun to have things but if you don't use something.  Let it go and create more space for things you will love more.  Step into a life that is vibrant this spring.

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