Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes Change is Messy

I like things to be neat and work well.  Having good design always makes me happy, like kitchen tools that make the job easier or a pen that writes smoothly and feels good in my hand.  Change is one of those things that I find can be difficult.  I rebel on all sorts of levels, even when it's something I really really want. 

I completely understand when a client comes to me and asks to lose weight but doesn't want to eat any differently.  Where's the magic bullet?  The pill that will make it all okay?  Where's my instant gratification or reward for being such a good girl?  Unfortunately so many equate certain food items with pleasure - who would want to give that up?

That's were change work comes in and getting to know some new foods.  You can work on your brain and shift the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and you can clean up your bodily organs to run smoother, better, more like when you were a kid and they weren't all gunked up.  More often than not though, things like giving up dairy and adding in whole grains and veggies can start a clearing  where you feel like you have a flu.  Depending on the person the reactions might come out quickly or take some time. 

Currently I'm doing a detox myself and after 6 weeks of increasing the dosage and intensity, I finished the bottles feeling I'd turned a corner and my skin that had been breaking out horrifically was finally starting to calm down.  Then Wham! Even worse.  Trust me, I'm vain and this is really not fun.  I just keep in mind how great it will be when I get the results I'm seeking.  This particular detox has nothing to do with weight loss and targets the hidden virus and crud that would otherwise be impossible to get out.  Isn't that what we all would like though?  To feel clean, fresh and fully alive?  Free of all ailments, glowing even? 

There are levels almost like a video game with food where after that first big cleansing and adding in detoxifying foods like brown rice, burdock, daikon radish, carrots, etc you think, "Great.  I made it through.  Smooth sailing ahead,"  Then you reach a new level and it can get messy again as you go deeper.  The good news is that they are shorter and less severe each time and then there is a shift into greater and greater levels of feeling fantastic, looking younger, gaining insights, energy and clarity.  Food is always surprising me. 

So get out some books or get a trainer/coach like you would at the gym and start enjoying getting a little messy.  The other side of messy is very pretty.

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