Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simple Ideas - Great Tastes

I had cooked some yellow split peas yesterday with the intention of making burgers out of them.   Yellow split peas have a nice flavor for savory pancakes, loafs and  soups.  Then I got lazy and just ate some of the pulses without turning them into any sort of magic creation and stored the rest thinking I'd just do the original idea the next day.

Woken up too many times by the folks who are supposed to be protecting the peace,  (Not sure they know what it is.  They certainly like to be unnecessarily noisy.) I wasn't in the mood for cooking.  Instead I turned the beans into a salad using up bits from my fridge.  The few crisp pea shoots, a carrot, celery, and Follow Your Heart veganaise.  A touch of ume vinegar for it's great taste with the split peas.  I placed this bright mixture on a bed of water fried bok choy. Delicious.

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