Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Power of Blue

Blue has always been my favorite color.  I learned early on that my blue eyes made me special.  Forget recessive genes.  I was made of the same stuff as my well liked grandfather.

I had an enormous appeal for the blue sky and deep blue oceans, lakes, rivers or the color of the world at twilight.  There is something mysterious, magical and fluid about blue.  I adore blueberries and always associate them with pie, summer and happy moments.  I have a memory of being with my mother at the Walker art gallery where I always got to order blueberry pie.  The slice I got that day seemed enormous and more beautiful than all the art.

Another item that seems to color how I make my choices is that my father is cheap.  Even he would admit this.  He is comical in that he will go out of his way to save the 10 cents at the gas station but probably wastes more than he saves in how far he will go.  Things like that drive me crazy and yet I find myself being sometimes that crazy conservative in what I purchase. has a pretty great website for someone like me.  As many of you know I love their natural deodorant because it works so well, and I can feel good about using it.  They also have sample sizes you can purchase with your items instead of buying a full size jar.  Great for travel or trying out new things.  I had gotten a sample of the organic papaya face mask and I like it but then I decided to try the organic blueberry one.  Blueberries of course are rich in antioxidants.  I just love them, so thought I'd see what it was like.

The sample came and I really didn't think much about it.  I finally decided to give it a try last night.  I got carried away on my ipod touch while it was drying on my face and let it sit too long.  My skin was a little red and I was a little worried.  Could I have a reaction?  It was late so I just went to sleep and thought I'd see how I was in the morning.

Blue is magical.  I woke up looking like someone had taken an eraser to the little lines on my face.  Now I'm just wondering how often I can use this and I want a nice big jar.

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