Sunday, March 4, 2012

More on How You Can Have Cellular Transformation Right Now

Your cells store memory.  This has been known for thousands of years.  Its one of the reasons meditation is quite important to many healing systems or why talk therapy can sometimes create spontaneous clearing of physical ailments.  In order to fully heal at the deepest level, we need to let go of past trauma.  That doesn't mean you were a victim of a crime or a natural disaster necessarily.  It just means that your body registered an event as traumatic enough to mean something to you.

I remember fighting with Deepak Chopra when I was working with him many years ago.  He wanted me to meditate.  I wanted the right herb combination or something scientific.  Now there is science coming out around healing the memory of cells with intentions, meditations and getting out the past trauma's that your cellular memory is trying to keep you safe from.

The trauma could be as simple as your one year old brain making up that you are not loved or wanted as much as your brother.  It could be your mother taking away your gift because she thought it was inappropriate for your age but you decided you couldn't have and now struggle with accepting enough money to live on.  These seemingly little things sometimes spawn a domino effect where an extremely intelligent person ends up with health issues, money issues, relationship problems, etc.  They often do quite a lot to heal, but never fully.

I used food as one answer but food will only work on the cells in a certain way.  You can create more alkalinity and stop your acid reflux for good very simply by changing your diet, for example.  The deeper healing, where you have more freedom, is to work with someone or some technique that will help you get the diet and the energy in alignment.  Then you have complete freedom.  Then you will want to choose the foods that make you feel optimal so that you can do more and experience more.  It never feels good to wake up sluggish like you need a cup of coffee.  It feels fantastic to wake up without an alarm and have your body and mind excited for what is ahead.  It feels great to feel great and that is always available when you combine the tools you have at your fingertips. 

I'm teaching my coaching students to utilize many different techniques so they can quickly create their own cellular healing.  I'm sure you will be hearing much more on this in the years to come.  Energy medicine though isn't sufficient without acknowledging diet.  Learn now what foods do and how your choices affect you.  Knowledge lasts forever.

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