Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Around The Vegan Cheese Problem

I want to like the Daiya, the Teese, or the soy based vegan cheeses out there.  They would make such quick sandwiches, pizza's or snacks, but unfortunately they make me feel horrible, so I just avoid the whole lot.  I should try the sheep milk cheese 'cuz unlike other dairy products, sheep milk yogurt ( and I seem to get along well.  I must admit that after all of my reactions from rashes to feeling very ill, I haven't been eager to try any more cheeses.

The reason I react is that I'm sensitive, like many other people, to glutimates.  They put these in foods to make them taste good.  You could most likely sell cardboard as food if you put enough glutimates in it.  Yes MSG is a good example but so is soy vegetable protein, carrageenan, natural flavors (voila they don't have to say what they are...glutimates are "natural"poison for some.), maltodextrin, yeast extract and many more misleading names.

So instead of having the easy way out, I opt for the healthier, feel good ways to create cheesy tastes and textures.  Mochi is a fun food where I can melt it and get the gooeyness I'm looking for.  White miso, garlic, lemon and tahini are all good for creating cheesiness too.  You might have tried a good quality nutritional yeast on popcorn before and found it's cheesy flavor fun.  Keep playing and make your own combinations.

Watch this video for a great grilled cheese!

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