Friday, March 2, 2012

Cellular Transformation is at Your Fingertips

I just had a birthday, and I am continually aware of people excusing their extra weight or health issues, lack of energy etc. on their age.  More accurately it would be on their outlook, activity, and their eating.  Those are the things that a coach can help you with, to create new habits and patterns, that can literally melt away years of build up and stagnancy.

Did you learn in high school about blood composition and cells? Red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma travel together throughout your body all day long, 365 days a year.  Some cells are born and some die off every day. 

The red blood cells live for about four months while the white blood cells, those Pac Man type of defenders of your immunity, only live for about two or three weeks.  If almost every cell in your body is changing over year after year, why would you still have an issue with the size of your thighs or something I just heard someone describe as a "muffin top" to their middle area.  (she said I didn't have one so that is good...)

Instead of programing each new cell in the same way you brought up the old ones, start transforming your life right now, and by summer be the slender, sexy, happy you, you want to be.  Take the challenge and grab the hand of a coach to keep you going, push you to be more, and start chewing your way to what you want.

There are foods that melt fat and taste terrific, you might just not be familiar with all of them.  I like to serve Job's tears barley in a salad or on the side of a fish or meat entree when people come over.  One reason is that Job's tears are easy to digest.  They are technically a grass not a grain, and since some folks have difficulty with digesting whole grains and animal foods in the same meal, I side step that by serving things that work better together.  Plus most people love the taste and texture and don't need to know that it will dissolve some of the animal fat right out of their system.  They just know they feel good and enjoy what they are eating.

We also program our cells with our habitual thoughts and activities.  I recently helped a client by doing some mental change work.  There are easy processes I'm teaching my coaching students to do, that dissolve the old programs and pictures, or at least scratch them up enough so they don't cause anymore harm.  In one week she saw herself shift dramatically and is excited to be wearing a bikini soon. 

What would you like to step into?  What is your dream life?  Think about your body, your health, your work, what you would like in your career and your relationships.   What holds you back?  Are you willing to let go and step into the life you really want?  Are you willing to even let yourself know what that is?  Jump in.  It starts in your cells...

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