Monday, March 19, 2012

Are You Willing to Be Healthy?

I spend a lot of time thinking about what is healthy.  I read studies, articles and books.  It seems to me that the largest influence on your health is what you think.  The healthiest folks often have the best attitudes.  Not superficially happy or acting happy when they really are grouchy inside, but easy going and enjoying life.

Healthy is eating until almost full and then stopping.  You might want more.  You definitely could eat more.  You stop because you know you will feel better if you do.  Somehow many people have lost this skill.  They don't pass it down to their kids and the kids never learn how to do it.  You can learn to enjoy being a little less than completely full right now.  You can even embrace your hunger instead of being afraid of it or running from it.

I met one woman who pushed away health by always being so afraid of so many things.  She was afraid of being hungry.  She was afraid of getting a headache or passing out or having her blood sugar dip so low she'd go into a coma.  Her fears were unfounded, but if it had ever happened she felt it could happen to her.  That's a lot of fear.  

She was too afraid that one person didn't have the answers so she went to every expert she could find, but listened to no one.  (Well I think she did listen to her dating guru but she's still single so not sure.  She was good at quoting that person though.)  Fear is a recipe for something to go wrong.  Let go of fear of being hungry when you always have plenty.  Let go of the fear of your own feelings or find a coach or practitioner you trust who can lead you to more freedom.  What if being a little hungry just meant you'd have more energy or maybe that is the feeling of being thin.  What if you associated lightness in your belly (not pain) with glowing and being more beautiful?

Take action towards what you say you want.  The more action, the more you will see results.  Are you willing to be as healthy as you possibly can be?

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