Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If We Were in Charge at Trader Joe's...

At the same time I posted a sorbet recipe, so did Vegetarian Times.  Theirs was simply putting frozen mango chunks in a blender with agave and lime.  I'll have to try that.  It sounds delicious, simple and would go great with the chocolate sauce I posted.  I'm sure I can get some frozen mango at Trader Joe's when I go tomorrow.  We'll see if I can find organic.

If I worked for Trader Joe's, there would be a whole lot more organic products on the shelves.  I would put Harmless Harvest's incredible coconut water in a case to grab on the way to checkout.  I love getting flowers that way.  Much better than on the way in, where they can trampled on by all of the other things I'm putting in my basket.

I would also give tastes not just of a single item, but things that go well together.  Maybe I'd sample my current favorite salad where I put some wild organic arugula in a bowl with sliced carrot, fennel, artichoke hearts, and mint.  Then I decide if I want beans, some sort of animal protein or today I just had toasted sunflower seeds with my sweet and creamy mustard dressing.  The flavors are so nice together, I'm sure folks would go hunt down all of these items in the store.

What's your favorite combination that you've brought home?

Sweet and Creamy Mustard Dressing

Use your judgement to mix up this combination of flavors.  You really can't go wrong.  (Please buy organic, it's better for you and the planet.)

olive oil
apply cider vinegar
sea salt
agave syrup
prepared mustard

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Refreshing Repost - Make Your Own Sorbet

Make your own healthy sorbet. Use your favorite fruits and springboard off of this recipe:

Sugar Free Raspberry Sorbet

2 packages organic frozen raspberries
1 C. plain amasake
1 C. brown rice syrup (or a half cup Agave)
2 T. agar flakes
1T. Vanilla
Orange zest (optional)
Defrost the berries by placing the bags in the refrigerator over night or leaving on the counter for a couple of hours. Juice the raspberries to remove the seeds. In a saucepan heat the amasake with the agar until the agar is dissolved. (3-5minutes) Place all ingredients in a blender and blend. Transfer to a freezer proof container and freeze overnight. Process in a food processor until smooth and then re-freeze for 6-8hrs before serving.
Chocolate Sauce
1 Cup maple syrup
1 Cup Cocoa powder
1/8 tsp. Sea salt
1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
Boiling water
Place the syrup, cocoa powder, salt and vanilla extract in a food processor or blender and blend. Add boiling water (about 1/4 to 1/2 Cup.) to thin. You will want the sauce to be somewhat thin as it thickens up when it is cold. You might like to add a hint of cinnamon or even cayenne pepper to your sauce.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pickle Quick

A little bit of dill cucumber pickle was all I'd ever known of the world of pickles.  A slice or two brightened up a hamburger or a dab of pickle relish for a hot dog; other than that, pickles were just not in my meals.  Then I learned about their digestible benefits and various ways they could be prepared.

Slice some daikon radish into pieces that look like slender french fries and rub sea salt all over them.  Let them sit on the counter for a few hours, rinse and enjoy.  The salt took the bite right out of the radish and made a vegetable I wasn't too fond of into something I couldn't stop eating.  Refreshing, crisp and mildly sweet, I found that shredding some cabbage and doing this trick was also fun.

A 14 year old client was delighted one day when she decided to shred a carrot, sprinkle a little ume vinegar on it and after an hour she had something she wanted in sandwiches, on a cracker with peanut butter and rolled up in sushi. 

A Persian student said in her family there is always a pickle jar on the table.  Onion pickles for breakfast sounded so foreign to my American ear but after all of my experiments, I could understand it.  Pickles make for a great addition that once you try 'em, you might not ever want to be without them.

Try a simple fennel salad that uses the quick pickle method and takes it one step further:

Slice Fennel thin and sprinkle a small amount of sea salt and mix in.  Drizzle with olive oil and then squeeze in the juice of a lemon or lime.  Allow to sit for at least an hour.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making Choices With Food

There are a lot more people interested in food than when I started my journey 20 years ago.  I didn't start out being a foodie.  I started out as a very picky eater.  I left the room when my mom did her once a year lobster dinner.  I couldn't bear to see a crustacean boiled alive.  I wasn't into sauces and ate my spaghetti almost plain, dabbling a few red drops on top.  I'd take a grilled cheese sandwich over an elegant restaurant plate, and I loved "junk" and fast food.  Of course I loved it.  It was designed to get our taste buds and brains addicted to it, so that we would just want more more more.  The only problem here was I was constantly sick.

Then I made dramatic changes from a SAD diet to vegan to adding in herbology, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine then moving along to macrobiotics, investigating raw and Mediterranean diets.  There will always be fads and those that defend them.   Groups and sub-groups. 

The main thing is that I came around to seeing how there isn't one way.  There is finding a nice balance for yourself.  Food can be an adventure.  It can be complex or simple. 

I was at a lecture last night with scholars discussing if we should care about the history of food.  Of course we should care, I wanted to say.  We've always cared.  History told us what foods were good and which ones could kill us.  It evolved into an art.  Knowing art history can give one a greater appreciation for the art.  It makes viewing it more fun.  Perhaps knowing that my greens are giving me energy or that my radish is helping keeping my thighs thinner, makes eating those foods a lot nicer. 

I include foods now that I would have rejected giving the choice between burdock or M&M's.  Now I make choices higher than pleasure alone.  I think about how I want to feel after the meal.  Immediately and two days later.  I might feel fine after eating a muffin for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch but then regret it two days later as my skin is flaky or I just can't get enough to drink, am tired and cranky.  More than art, food has effects and consequences that we must live with.  Our choices matter.  The history of food matters because that also helps to make better choices.

You decide - How do you want to live?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simple Ideas - Great Tastes

I had cooked some yellow split peas yesterday with the intention of making burgers out of them.   Yellow split peas have a nice flavor for savory pancakes, loafs and  soups.  Then I got lazy and just ate some of the pulses without turning them into any sort of magic creation and stored the rest thinking I'd just do the original idea the next day.

Woken up too many times by the folks who are supposed to be protecting the peace,  (Not sure they know what it is.  They certainly like to be unnecessarily noisy.) I wasn't in the mood for cooking.  Instead I turned the beans into a salad using up bits from my fridge.  The few crisp pea shoots, a carrot, celery, and Follow Your Heart veganaise.  A touch of ume vinegar for it's great taste with the split peas.  I placed this bright mixture on a bed of water fried bok choy. Delicious.

Easy Cauliflower Croquettes with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Cauliflower Croquettes

Simple to do and a fun addition to many a meal.  These work nicely as an appetizer by serving on a lettuce leaf or two and drizzling a sauce like the roasted red pepper sauce over the top.

1/2 head of a large cauliflower, steamed
1 clove of garlic, pressed
2 large green onions, chopped
2-3 T. Tahini
Juice of 1/2 large lemon
sea salt and pepper to taste
1/3 – 1/2 Cup breadcrumbs
2-3 teaspoons arrowroot powder or 1 egg

Mash the steamed cauliflower in a mixing bowl and stir in the other ingredients.  Form into patties and fry in a small amount of rice bran or other oil.

Red Pepper Sauce
This is a delicate, bright orange sauce.  Feel free to spice it up to your particular taste.

1 red bell pepper, roasted
1/2 clove garlic, pressed
1 T. lemon juice
1/4 Cup olive oil
1/2 tsp. sea salt
2 T. plain soy milk

To roast the red pepper, place over the flame of your burner and char the skin all the way around and the bottom.  Allow the pepper to cool.  Then peel off the charred skin and slice off the end with the stem.  Remove the seeds inside. 

Slice the remaining roasted pepper and combine in a blender with the remaining ingredients.  Blend until smooth.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Are You Willing to Be Healthy?

I spend a lot of time thinking about what is healthy.  I read studies, articles and books.  It seems to me that the largest influence on your health is what you think.  The healthiest folks often have the best attitudes.  Not superficially happy or acting happy when they really are grouchy inside, but easy going and enjoying life.

Healthy is eating until almost full and then stopping.  You might want more.  You definitely could eat more.  You stop because you know you will feel better if you do.  Somehow many people have lost this skill.  They don't pass it down to their kids and the kids never learn how to do it.  You can learn to enjoy being a little less than completely full right now.  You can even embrace your hunger instead of being afraid of it or running from it.

I met one woman who pushed away health by always being so afraid of so many things.  She was afraid of being hungry.  She was afraid of getting a headache or passing out or having her blood sugar dip so low she'd go into a coma.  Her fears were unfounded, but if it had ever happened she felt it could happen to her.  That's a lot of fear.  

She was too afraid that one person didn't have the answers so she went to every expert she could find, but listened to no one.  (Well I think she did listen to her dating guru but she's still single so not sure.  She was good at quoting that person though.)  Fear is a recipe for something to go wrong.  Let go of fear of being hungry when you always have plenty.  Let go of the fear of your own feelings or find a coach or practitioner you trust who can lead you to more freedom.  What if being a little hungry just meant you'd have more energy or maybe that is the feeling of being thin.  What if you associated lightness in your belly (not pain) with glowing and being more beautiful?

Take action towards what you say you want.  The more action, the more you will see results.  Are you willing to be as healthy as you possibly can be?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Power of Blue

Blue has always been my favorite color.  I learned early on that my blue eyes made me special.  Forget recessive genes.  I was made of the same stuff as my well liked grandfather.

I had an enormous appeal for the blue sky and deep blue oceans, lakes, rivers or the color of the world at twilight.  There is something mysterious, magical and fluid about blue.  I adore blueberries and always associate them with pie, summer and happy moments.  I have a memory of being with my mother at the Walker art gallery where I always got to order blueberry pie.  The slice I got that day seemed enormous and more beautiful than all the art.

Another item that seems to color how I make my choices is that my father is cheap.  Even he would admit this.  He is comical in that he will go out of his way to save the 10 cents at the gas station but probably wastes more than he saves in how far he will go.  Things like that drive me crazy and yet I find myself being sometimes that crazy conservative in what I purchase. has a pretty great website for someone like me.  As many of you know I love their natural deodorant because it works so well, and I can feel good about using it.  They also have sample sizes you can purchase with your items instead of buying a full size jar.  Great for travel or trying out new things.  I had gotten a sample of the organic papaya face mask and I like it but then I decided to try the organic blueberry one.  Blueberries of course are rich in antioxidants.  I just love them, so thought I'd see what it was like.

The sample came and I really didn't think much about it.  I finally decided to give it a try last night.  I got carried away on my ipod touch while it was drying on my face and let it sit too long.  My skin was a little red and I was a little worried.  Could I have a reaction?  It was late so I just went to sleep and thought I'd see how I was in the morning.

Blue is magical.  I woke up looking like someone had taken an eraser to the little lines on my face.  Now I'm just wondering how often I can use this and I want a nice big jar.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning - Super Sized Health Booster

Clutter never feels good.  In your body, mind, house, car, everywhere that is all gunked up, overflowing with extra stuff, will slow you down and can cause problems in every area of your life.

Seriously, have you ever walked into someones cluttered house and been worried about knocking something over, or didn't know where to sit?  I've gotten into friends cars where they moved all the stuff on the seat so I could sit down but I wasn't too sure what I was stepping on 'cuz they told me to go ahead and not worry about what was on the floor.  Yikes.  That feels uncomfortable.  It usually feels uncomfortable for the person with the clutter too but they keep it.  It's keeping an obstacle or in coaching lingo - a toleration.

Anything you are tolerating will drain your energy.  Guess what, the tolerations take a toll on your physical well being too.  People with clutter often get constant little ailments they have to deal with.  Sometimes the little things turn into big things.  All that energy of getting pills, salves, potions, running to experts, looking things up on the Internet and shuffling through their clutter is a giant waste.  It's time and energy you could have spent having more fun or putting to better use.

Then think how good it feels to walk into a very nice restaurant or hotel or resort.  Usually there is space.  There is no clutter and everything is immaculate.  You walk in and immediately feel good.  You can breathe.  The body reacts to environment.  Once you clear out the extra and find places for everything, you'll have a system that works.  I've seen people immediately bring in more money or have physical ailments fall away just from cleaning up in a big way.  Not to mention some pretty incredible weight loss stories...

Moving to New York I let go of a lot.  I have not missed the furnishings, the dishes, framed art or all of the clothes.  It is fun to have things but if you don't use something.  Let it go and create more space for things you will love more.  Step into a life that is vibrant this spring.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Around The Vegan Cheese Problem

I want to like the Daiya, the Teese, or the soy based vegan cheeses out there.  They would make such quick sandwiches, pizza's or snacks, but unfortunately they make me feel horrible, so I just avoid the whole lot.  I should try the sheep milk cheese 'cuz unlike other dairy products, sheep milk yogurt ( and I seem to get along well.  I must admit that after all of my reactions from rashes to feeling very ill, I haven't been eager to try any more cheeses.

The reason I react is that I'm sensitive, like many other people, to glutimates.  They put these in foods to make them taste good.  You could most likely sell cardboard as food if you put enough glutimates in it.  Yes MSG is a good example but so is soy vegetable protein, carrageenan, natural flavors (voila they don't have to say what they are...glutimates are "natural"poison for some.), maltodextrin, yeast extract and many more misleading names.

So instead of having the easy way out, I opt for the healthier, feel good ways to create cheesy tastes and textures.  Mochi is a fun food where I can melt it and get the gooeyness I'm looking for.  White miso, garlic, lemon and tahini are all good for creating cheesiness too.  You might have tried a good quality nutritional yeast on popcorn before and found it's cheesy flavor fun.  Keep playing and make your own combinations.

Watch this video for a great grilled cheese!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun Food Fact - Cinnamon's All Year Appeal

As the weather starts to turn warmer you might forget the sweet appeal of cinnamon.  It often gets put away as the apple cider turns to peach coolers.  Consider how cinnamon aids your absorption of nutrients, and is quite good in savory as well as sweet dishes.  If that isn't enough reason to keep playing with this sweet spice, remember that it is good for  vitality, gets rid of intestinal gas, eases menstrual cramps, flu, arthritis, candidiasis, congestion and even relieves tension. 

I find it gives dishes a nice exotic flavor and pairs well with tamari and sweet vegetables like carrots, onions and winter squash.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Agar For All

I have some agar wasting away in the back of my cupboard and was just thinking I ought to use it.  I like it mostly in desserts because it gels well.  I know it is good for soothing the digestive tract and since I was just writing about digestion, I looked it up.  I completely forgot how Agar bonds to toxic pollution in the body and takes it out.  Seriously with all of the chemicals we inhale daily not to mention radiation - maybe we all ought to start including agar regularly. 

If that wasn't enough reason to enjoy more fruit mousse and other treats.  Agar is full of iodine, phosphorus, calcium, iron and even vitamins A, B, C, D and K. 

Strawberry Mousse

2 Tablespoons agar-agar
2 Cups apple juice
1 Tablespoon Kudzu dissolved in a little cold water (optional)
Pinch sea salt
1 Tablespoons tahini
1 pint chopped strawberries
1 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 Tablespoon rice syrup
A few strawberry slices/ mint leaves for garnish

Place the juice, salt and water in a pan.  Add the agar-agar.  Cook on med/low until the agar-agar dissolves.  Add the strawberries and vanilla and mix gently.

Pour into a serving dish and leave to set in a cool place.

Place the firm kanten and tahini and rice syrup in a blender and blend to a smooth cream.   Pour into individual glasses and garnish.  Serve cool or chilled.  Also terrific using fresh apricots instead of strawberries.

Friday, March 9, 2012

B12 Reminder

No this is not texting shorthand for accessing your inner child or a comment on the dismal state of last night's date.  B12 is a vitamin we need to make red blood cells.  Without enough of it, you can get anemia.  Since we really only get it naturally by eating animal foods, when someone is avoiding those foods, they put themselves at risk and might start feeling tired or looking pale and then be prodded to eat meat.  If you'd rather not then just get a supplement. 

One of the biggest reasons for B12 deficiency that can lead to all sorts of problems beyond lack of energy, (Asthma, depression, MS, just to name a few.) is that it can be challenging to get it through digestion and many people have compromised digestion. 

Digestion is such a gigantic key to moods and well being, it's a good idea to take care of it and find out what makes your 30 feet from mouth to rear, the healthiest it can be.  A B12 supplement might be a good start.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes Change is Messy

I like things to be neat and work well.  Having good design always makes me happy, like kitchen tools that make the job easier or a pen that writes smoothly and feels good in my hand.  Change is one of those things that I find can be difficult.  I rebel on all sorts of levels, even when it's something I really really want. 

I completely understand when a client comes to me and asks to lose weight but doesn't want to eat any differently.  Where's the magic bullet?  The pill that will make it all okay?  Where's my instant gratification or reward for being such a good girl?  Unfortunately so many equate certain food items with pleasure - who would want to give that up?

That's were change work comes in and getting to know some new foods.  You can work on your brain and shift the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and you can clean up your bodily organs to run smoother, better, more like when you were a kid and they weren't all gunked up.  More often than not though, things like giving up dairy and adding in whole grains and veggies can start a clearing  where you feel like you have a flu.  Depending on the person the reactions might come out quickly or take some time. 

Currently I'm doing a detox myself and after 6 weeks of increasing the dosage and intensity, I finished the bottles feeling I'd turned a corner and my skin that had been breaking out horrifically was finally starting to calm down.  Then Wham! Even worse.  Trust me, I'm vain and this is really not fun.  I just keep in mind how great it will be when I get the results I'm seeking.  This particular detox has nothing to do with weight loss and targets the hidden virus and crud that would otherwise be impossible to get out.  Isn't that what we all would like though?  To feel clean, fresh and fully alive?  Free of all ailments, glowing even? 

There are levels almost like a video game with food where after that first big cleansing and adding in detoxifying foods like brown rice, burdock, daikon radish, carrots, etc you think, "Great.  I made it through.  Smooth sailing ahead,"  Then you reach a new level and it can get messy again as you go deeper.  The good news is that they are shorter and less severe each time and then there is a shift into greater and greater levels of feeling fantastic, looking younger, gaining insights, energy and clarity.  Food is always surprising me. 

So get out some books or get a trainer/coach like you would at the gym and start enjoying getting a little messy.  The other side of messy is very pretty.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes You Can Eat More Weigh Less and Start Having Incredible Crazy Great Results

Do you wake up excited or go groggily looking for the coffee to start your day?  Are you wishing your thighs were smaller but in the moments of choice, you take an extra sliver of cheese or enjoy your beer or wine each night?  What about sweets?  Do they call your name?  Do you look forward to an evening treat?

What about the rest of your life?  Are you too tired for sex or too embarrassed to get out your bikini? Does your back go out, or do you get reflux, stomach pains or little sores regularly and just try to ignore these early warning signs?

It's time to start learning more about whole foods.  Not the ones you see ads for or hear about whole grains in your bread.  Bread is fun.  I like it. I eat it.  I eat more real whole grains and vegetables, beans and smaller portions of meat, chicken or fish.  Why?  Well it was years of learning.  Years of finding out what creates wellness in body and mind and life.  You can literally create miracles if you are willing to let go of some worn out thoughts, energy and food items.

Tastes change.   Things you probably liked as kid are not as appealing anymore.  Sometimes pregnancy or moving to a new location will dictate preferences as well as things like weather.  Start learning more about what your foods are doing for you or against you and it will be easier to shift and do what you know will make you feel fantastic.  Relying on stimulants and supplements is just a cover.  It's like cheating on an exam.  It might seem alright in the beginning but cheating will only make it that much more difficult for you later. 

There is no magic bullet because too much of something will always backfire.  If you are using daikon radish for example every day and more and more to dissolve fat and stay slender - well daikon is also a diuretic.  Too much for too long isn't a nice thing to do to your kidneys.  (Hey coffee is a diuretic too...)

You need a synergistic system you can easily follow that is varied and fun and delicious and oh yes, doable in the real world.  You need to be able to eat in restaurants and have cooking be easy.  Don't dismiss taking care of yourself well by making up excuses.   Shift now and have your life open up in ways you couldn't predict.  What are your favorite vegetables.  Go get them and make a fast and easy dinner with leftovers for the next days lunch.  Get some quinoa, millet, brown rice, and barley.  Just writing this, I'm going to buy some Teff for my breakfast and make a sweet potato and quinoa salad with white beans for lunch.  Their both high energy and I love them.

Start learning what you love and what makes you feel fantastic.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More on How You Can Have Cellular Transformation Right Now

Your cells store memory.  This has been known for thousands of years.  Its one of the reasons meditation is quite important to many healing systems or why talk therapy can sometimes create spontaneous clearing of physical ailments.  In order to fully heal at the deepest level, we need to let go of past trauma.  That doesn't mean you were a victim of a crime or a natural disaster necessarily.  It just means that your body registered an event as traumatic enough to mean something to you.

I remember fighting with Deepak Chopra when I was working with him many years ago.  He wanted me to meditate.  I wanted the right herb combination or something scientific.  Now there is science coming out around healing the memory of cells with intentions, meditations and getting out the past trauma's that your cellular memory is trying to keep you safe from.

The trauma could be as simple as your one year old brain making up that you are not loved or wanted as much as your brother.  It could be your mother taking away your gift because she thought it was inappropriate for your age but you decided you couldn't have and now struggle with accepting enough money to live on.  These seemingly little things sometimes spawn a domino effect where an extremely intelligent person ends up with health issues, money issues, relationship problems, etc.  They often do quite a lot to heal, but never fully.

I used food as one answer but food will only work on the cells in a certain way.  You can create more alkalinity and stop your acid reflux for good very simply by changing your diet, for example.  The deeper healing, where you have more freedom, is to work with someone or some technique that will help you get the diet and the energy in alignment.  Then you have complete freedom.  Then you will want to choose the foods that make you feel optimal so that you can do more and experience more.  It never feels good to wake up sluggish like you need a cup of coffee.  It feels fantastic to wake up without an alarm and have your body and mind excited for what is ahead.  It feels great to feel great and that is always available when you combine the tools you have at your fingertips. 

I'm teaching my coaching students to utilize many different techniques so they can quickly create their own cellular healing.  I'm sure you will be hearing much more on this in the years to come.  Energy medicine though isn't sufficient without acknowledging diet.  Learn now what foods do and how your choices affect you.  Knowledge lasts forever.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cellular Transformation is at Your Fingertips

I just had a birthday, and I am continually aware of people excusing their extra weight or health issues, lack of energy etc. on their age.  More accurately it would be on their outlook, activity, and their eating.  Those are the things that a coach can help you with, to create new habits and patterns, that can literally melt away years of build up and stagnancy.

Did you learn in high school about blood composition and cells? Red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma travel together throughout your body all day long, 365 days a year.  Some cells are born and some die off every day. 

The red blood cells live for about four months while the white blood cells, those Pac Man type of defenders of your immunity, only live for about two or three weeks.  If almost every cell in your body is changing over year after year, why would you still have an issue with the size of your thighs or something I just heard someone describe as a "muffin top" to their middle area.  (she said I didn't have one so that is good...)

Instead of programing each new cell in the same way you brought up the old ones, start transforming your life right now, and by summer be the slender, sexy, happy you, you want to be.  Take the challenge and grab the hand of a coach to keep you going, push you to be more, and start chewing your way to what you want.

There are foods that melt fat and taste terrific, you might just not be familiar with all of them.  I like to serve Job's tears barley in a salad or on the side of a fish or meat entree when people come over.  One reason is that Job's tears are easy to digest.  They are technically a grass not a grain, and since some folks have difficulty with digesting whole grains and animal foods in the same meal, I side step that by serving things that work better together.  Plus most people love the taste and texture and don't need to know that it will dissolve some of the animal fat right out of their system.  They just know they feel good and enjoy what they are eating.

We also program our cells with our habitual thoughts and activities.  I recently helped a client by doing some mental change work.  There are easy processes I'm teaching my coaching students to do, that dissolve the old programs and pictures, or at least scratch them up enough so they don't cause anymore harm.  In one week she saw herself shift dramatically and is excited to be wearing a bikini soon. 

What would you like to step into?  What is your dream life?  Think about your body, your health, your work, what you would like in your career and your relationships.   What holds you back?  Are you willing to let go and step into the life you really want?  Are you willing to even let yourself know what that is?  Jump in.  It starts in your cells...

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