Monday, February 27, 2012

You're Oscar Worthy Bod is Easy!

I checked my Facebook this morning to see a buzz of Oscar comments.  The ones that make me crazy are the girls saying who looks too thin because the issue is theirs, not the stars.  They don't feel good about their own bodies so they are picking on those who are out there being role models.  I only saw a few moments, but the stars like Gweneth and Angelina looked stunning and beautiful.  I was thinking I could probably use a good bra like Paltrow had, not, oh dear look at her size.

Get over your issues and realize that when we eat wonderful clean food, being a size 2 is a natural occurrence, pretty easy, and healthy.  Couple a whole foods lifestyle with a little exercise (and those ladies have kids folks......double exercise.) and you won't be thinking about weight ever again. 

Only someone who is thinking about their own weight is making comments on someone else.  When you feel terrific in your own skin, you'll be looking at other things.  (income, clothes, or that when someone else does your make-up it's incredible...)  Notice what you notice, what issues you would like to resolve, what makes you crazy or what passes by unnoticed.  If you have health handled you most likely don't think about it.  If you are struggling with pain, you'll be looking for a way out.

One thing that happens with knowing how to create more balance with food is that surprising things start occurring in every area of your life.  Perhaps it has to do with when your energy is happier, happier things happen?  I don't know and that part is not very "scientific" but weight - that's an easy one.  Start with a whole foods diet but please, do study how it works so you don't end up rotely following some plan. 

I happened to also see on Facebook a meal people were "liking" that pictured a pretty plate of rice, beans and vegetables with a bean soup and a rice pudding dessert.  Those sorts of too much rice and beans meals, (not to mention with all those beans, the rice pudding is probably going to create a gassy belly and be uncomfortable) are not really the best for everyone.  Please learn what you are doing and then be  the inspiration for someone else to stop picking on anyone out there and be happy inside and out.

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