Friday, February 10, 2012

Stepping it Up

What have you been green lighting lately?  Do you give yourself the go ahead to do what you have always done?  That probably gets you what you are used to.  If you have any areas that need improvement or alteration in your life, you know you need to start making some changes to get the results you want.

Do it in steps.  Get used to small changes and keep making them and get yourself to start being how you want to be.  Want to let go of unwanted weight?  What about just allowing yourself to be happier?  Has exercise somehow fallen by the wayside?  Start taking steps and stick to them to become just what you do.  It might be look at Facebook or your email less and get more done in your day?  What steps would get you to where you want to be?

Enjoy the steps.  I love to read and each time I go back to a good book where I left off I progress a little farther in the story.  I don't expect myself to read every book cover to cover in a single sitting.  So why would you expect to make changes in your life all at once and then be upset when they don't last?  Chapters are little steps of the story. 

You get to decide what is the next scene you are going to play out today.  Do you want it to be getting you to your dreams?  Do you want to feel better?  Look better?  Be happier? Start now and give yourself something concrete you can feel good about.  Think about where you will get your food today, where does exercise fit in and how you want to feel about yourself and then carry those steps out. 

I notice working with a coach will help you to be able to do more and stick to more because there are then two of you on your team.  Most people will do more when they have someone they are accountable to or giving them games to play.  

Grab a session for yourself or if you have been thinking of becoming a coach - there is one spot open for the training

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