Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sandwich Twists

I do love a good sandwich.  Simple organic turkey with lettuce and tomato makes a quick delicious meal or I had a seitan club last week that was fantastic with guacamole and a whole salad stuffed in there.

Bread however isn't something I want to be eating every day.  It dries me out.  Immediately my skin is flaky and parched, I'm thirsty and far more tired than when I don't eat bread.  I wonder if the staff of life was really more like whole grains kneaded up and baked that turned into flour products later?

So what else is there for a quick sandwich like experience?  First of all try millet squares.  One fun thing to do is cook 1 Cup of millet in 3 cups of water for 20 minutes and spread the grain into a a loaf pan to cool.  Slice cooled slices and spread with hummus and pea sprouts (Trader Joe's has organic pea sprouts constantly now...)

Steam collard leafs with the hard part of the stem cut out and roll-up all sorts of fillings inside.  I often use steamed kale leaves going the other direction like rice in a sushi roll.  Sushi rolls also can be non traditional.  Mexican rice and bean and guacamole sushi or a tuna and quinoa wrap.  Tofu scramble goes terrific in a sushi and collard wraps with lemon tempeh are divine.

Play around for your favorites and see what you come up with!

Simple Chicken (or Tempeh)/Collard roll-up
For one portion:

4 oz. grilled chicken (1/3 of a package Tempeh for vegetarians)
1 scallion and/or
carrot sliced and/or
burdock sliced
1 or two leaves of Kale
1 big or 2 small Collard leaves

For Dressing:

equal amounts of tahini and white miso
lemon zest
grated onion
parsley (optional)
water to thin

Steam the veggies for a few minutes so they are still firm and bright in color.  The collards and kale will only take less than a minute.   Mix the dressing ingredients together using just a little grated onion and lemon zest to taste, thinning out with water to a spreadable not too runny consistency.  Lay the collard down on a sushi mat with the inner side of the leaf facing up.  Lay the kale crosswise at the bottom of the collard as in making a sushi roll. Then lay the vegetables and chicken on top of the kale leaves.  Spoon dressing on top and carefully roll up.  It is easier to roll the thinner things are sliced and neatly laid together.   Cut the roll in half or into quarter slices and serve.

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