Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rockin Rules

Rules sometimes sounds like a dirty word but we all have them.  What do you put on first, your socks or your underwear?  Who does the laundry in your family and when?  What soap do you use?  When do you brush your teeth?  I'm sure you have some ideas of how you do things and you have made up rules to play the games of getting dressed or getting clean.  We all live by some kinds of rules and often upsets are when you think yours are right and others should be playing your way. 

Then it can be fun to mix things up.  Eat breakfast foods for dinner or have pie for breakfast.  What if you are looking to change your body?  What rules apply?  Do you try and fail at diets because they have too many rules or are you so afraid of change that new foods upset you?  I've seen it all.  Even one girl who was so addicted to junk food she made up ideas about healthy foods because she didn't want to change her rules about what she ate even though she felt lousy.  That's just crazy. 

If you are looking to shed some weight for example, I suggest you get some new rules.  Amounts are one way to go, but most people like to feel full and satiated from their food.  If you like eating a lot and being slender and energetic then a whole foods diet is for you.  First make rules about all of your treat foods and stick to them, like coffee as a once a week treat instead of every day.  Second make rules about portions and learn what true hungry and full are so you can see the signs and make the game easy to win instead of frustrating.

Working with a coach can help keep you on track while you get your rules together and find your personal winning strategy.  We also have great little tricks to get your brain and body inline with what it is you want to create for yourself.  No sense having some strict rule that you are always in resistance to.  Life should be fun, bountiful and tasty.  Let go of your old worn out rules and get in the game where everyone wins.

You'll be so happy to Rock your Rules when you see how good they look and feel....

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