Saturday, February 11, 2012

Empty Fridge Magic

I woke up this morning uninspired by the thought of making meals.  My millet was already soaking for breakfast so that was good.   I figured I could make a bleak salad with the few items still in my fridge for a lunch.  I've had salads for the last four days.  They were wonderful but I felt pretty done with them, or at least the ones I was making.  Only I didn't pick up any new produce and the only two things looking fresh were an 89 cent bag of organic carrots from Trader Joe's and a bunch of celery, with a lot of empty space and a few bits here and there.

If there were a cooking contest for making something fantastic from fragments, I would be a contender.  I sauteed the half of an onion getting it sweet and soft before adding three chopped carrots and the few leftover slices of burdock, some water and got that boiling.  I placed the almost ready to yellow arugula in a bowl and shredded a large stalk of celery on top of it.  I took the two wilted artichoke hearts that were still good and chopped them on top of the greens.  Now for a dressing.  There was a half of a lime looking like it might be going bad.  Thankfully it was okay and still had some juice.  Lime, olive oil, sea salt and maple syrup made the veggies seem gourmet.

When my carrots were soft I blended the mixture up with some white miso for a thick soup and boiled some brown rice pasta.  The meal was fresh, delicious and far more than I first imagined.  The magic of cooking.

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