Friday, February 24, 2012

The Alchemy of Transformation

What's your story?  The idea of who you are that you cling to.  Does it serve you?  Do you go around feeling like a failure or a success?  Do you stand strong for your own beliefs or just fall for what ever is going around the room that day?  Like having a coffee because someone is making a Starbucks run and you don't want to be left out?  Not everyone needs to be a leader but everyone ought to know what they want.  What do you want to create?  Are you willing to stand for that?  Even fight for that?

Food is a wonderful transformative tool.  It's just one.  If you eat differently you will start to think differently and feel differently.  Good thoughts and feelings can lead you to start having a much better life.  You'll have more energy to go after what you want.  You'll enjoy your kids more when your mind is clear and your body free of pains, itches or annoying gas.  You will come up with new ideas and things that previously felt like chores become easy, simple and painless. 

Are you willing to transform, or are you clinging to an old story?  Start writing a new one.  Take a stand today.   Be the best version of yourself and you can't do that eating bars and drinking juice.  You get to start fueling your body with things that make you happy, and get your cells singing.  Whole whole whole to slide down the rabbit hole into a new land of possibility.  Get outside of the matrix you thought you were stuck in and begin living fantastically today.  It's always been there for you.  You just need to walk inside.

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