Thursday, January 19, 2012

What are you Weighting For?

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you know what I feel about weights and measures - Let 'em go!  Toss out that scale.  If that scares you, all the more reason to bring it to Good Will or The Salvation Army.  It will do your waistline a world of good.  Why?  What you are looking at as you fixate on numbers is what isn't working. 

You get what you are paying attention to.  That might make you believe looking at those numbers keeps you in check and helps you attain your goal.  It doesn't.  It just makes you feel bad and the bad feelings can lead to binges, bad choices or stressing out.  The number is never right. 

First off, scales don't measure your size, they are simply telling pounds.  A pound of feathers is huge compared to a pound of iron.  They weight the same.  If you are gaining muscle and shrinking in size, you still could weight more but look great. 

Second, the number might temporarily make you happy as you see you lost a few pounds but it is never low enough when you are playing this game.  That keeps you feeling bad and looking for a win much like someone playing with money in Vegas.  You keep looking for the win and the intermittent reinforcement has you hooked like an addict.  Drop the game altogether and focus on what you are eating, enjoy it immensely knowing your delicious and wise choices are making you slender and satisfied.  If you need ideas of what to choose and how to get to your goal in the healthiest ways.  Book a session with a coach.  Get support and dump the scale.

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