Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm proud of a client, I'll call her Lee here.  She wrote that she liked something she saw on this blog.  She had given up on her hopes of being slim.  She didn't think much would work for her anymore.  She felt old (at 50 something) and used up, but something made her write to me that day.  She responded to something I said.  I felt that if she was writing to me, she really didn't want to give up, she wanted to be shaken up.

I used some strong language and coached her a little to lift off the deep blanket she had covered over herself that was made up of all the things that didn't work in her life.  She was literally being depressed by all of these thoughts and food had become her only comfort and friend. 

Lee then slowly began doing sessions.  Shifting her diet was huge because as the fog lifted she was more motivated to let go of her depressing thoughts.  She got to see they were just thoughts and not necessarily even true.  Then she had a setback.  Her husband left her, she got into a car accident and these events seemed to put her right back into a depressed state.  It took some time but when Lee was willing we got to work lifting off the negativity, showing her how to clear her own blocks and giving her good foods to eat everyday. 

I know one of the things she was most worried about as she was doing her sessions was money.  I kept reassuring her that it would all work out.  When one is committed, things show up.  I just didn't know how or when but I knew she would be okay.  Today I got an email from Lee months after we had stopped working together.  She told me it did all work out.  She got two large settlements and is now thinking about moving to South America which had been her dream.  Oh and that she is buying all new clothes because all of the old ones are too big.  Good job Lee!

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