Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Clean Do You Feel Inside?

Clean is a good feeling.  It's a light, energetic, everything working as it should kind of feeling.  Tingly, smooth, happy and good are all words you might use if someone asked you to tune into what you were feeling.  Is that how you woke up this morning?

I remember when I first got "clean".  I thought my teacher was a bit fanatic.  After all, my grilled cheeses were vegan, my chocolate milk was made from soy and I'd given up McDonalds, KFC, Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch years before.  I ate french fries from finer establishments and loved health food stores.  He wanted me to give up my beloved sugar, start eating whole grains and taste the difference between organic and non organic.  I was sure I would prove him wrong or irrelevant.  Instead, he turned out to be right.

The organic did taste better (and years later my food studies teachers agree...), without cane stuff and adding in the whole grains, far more veggies and giving up on most processed or refined anything, wow did I feel clean.  The biggest key was learning which food did what.  What foods could make me feel motivated and what foods calmed me down.  Each item has it's own unique properties.  While one green is going to alkalize, another will create acid and inflammation.  This was also important for my various aches and pains to stay away.  And they have now for years.  I can adjust what I'm eating at any time and it's a lot quicker too.  So after a little too much indulgence I hop right back into that good clean feeling.  Do you?

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