Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bust a Myth

I once read Madonna saying something about thinking meat wasn't macro and recently I met a young woman who thought if she ate raw she was healthy.  Both are wrong.  Any diet, vegan, meat eating, macrobiotic, raw, blood type, kind, pescatarian, vegetarian, or any other version of eating that you might have taken from a book, can be healthy or not healthy.

Meat isn't vegetarian but can be perfectly fine as part of a balanced diet.  Too much meat is unhealthy for you and the planet, but animals have needed to eat animals since the beginning of life.  It's a personal choice.  If you feel better with or  without animal food in your diet, be mindful of balance and that everything changes.

I've seen macrobiotic people sink into horrible habits and justify their rice cakes or rice syrup as whole grain which is like using french fries as your main vegetable and they wonder why they're having wild mood swings.  Then I see people say they only have a couple of beers each night and wonder why they need coffee in the morning.  If you had a large meat eating past then a raw juice fast might feel great until you feel depleted and tired.

There are some simple rules to learn about food that just work.  You start to see after a few weeks of playing with new foods and new ideas, how you can find your way to living a life that feels great and looks great on you.  What seems to be best is a blending of diet book ideas to create a personalized way for you.  Ever seen strict macrobiotic people who look old and dry?  What about raw foodies who can't keep a thought in their head they're so flighty? Did a vegan who was constantly running to the doctor make you shy away from restaurants serving vegan food? 

Drop your fears and get a guide who will show you that there are good everyday foods and balance and there are fun foods and times to indulge.  Some vegetables are cooling like turnips, collards, cabbage, or summer squash.  Some vegetables are strengthening like lovely burdock root.  Different preparations can make them more or less of those things too.  While that might seem complicated to understand, it really isn't.  It's just better to find out why your body, with your constitution and your past, will react differently than someone else.

I'm excited for the folks showing up who want to be teachers.  You guys are getting it both for yourself and others.  There are just a couple of spots left, so if you have been thinking about learning more - Jump in.  You'll be glad you did.  Sign up now

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