Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Health Wise

If you are thinking of doing the food coaching teachers training - there are only a couple of spots left so grab yours right now by signing up for four sessions.  More info HERE.  They will only be available for one more week.

One of my favorite adjuncts to good eating is getting acupuncture and herbs from a fantastic doctor of Chinese medicine named Bethany Muhl (  Unlike many doctors I have used, she seems to be able to fix things in just one or two sessions.  When you know how to utilize food, then other treatments can be more effective and last.  Many of the fun foods, treat foods and things that I used to take for granted, create inflammation.  Inflammation will render your external treatments far less useful.

Recently there have been diets jumping on the bandwagon with anti-inflammatory diets.  Sometimes they make sense, as in eating more greens and mineral rich foods that can reduce inflammation.  Only not all greens or mineral rich foods are going to be alkalizing.  Dates for example are high in minerals.  Especially for their size.  Only what else are they high in?  What makes them so sweet and delicious is all of their natural sugar.  Sugar, even from fruit, can create inflammation and contributes to pain of all kinds.  Only dates will end up on an alkalizing list simply because no one is looking at the sugar and just measuring mineral content.  Get wise when you look into what creates health. 

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