Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stop Struggling - Intestinal health can be an easier fix than you thought

As the holiday shopping heats up I've seen sales at rise too.  What's selling is surprising.  I would have thought more cookbooks.  The paperbacks are great gifts that last all year long. 

The stories, tips and recipes book has some of my favorites and is fun to just open to a page and read a short inspirational bit.

The best selling of all my books is the Candida Clearing cookbook.
Even at this time of year.

What that says to me is there are a whole lot of people struggling with their intestinal health and battling Candida.  Sometimes the very same symptoms though are not necessarily yeast.  Sometimes there could be H. Pylori, gastritis, GERD or a combination of things going on.  Sometimes it is even viral.  The good news is that you can clear any of them and know how to stay free forever.  It's one of those things though that a session with someone who knows is the key.  It isn't something you will learn in a book. 

Stuff your friends stockings and order your paperbacks right now and book a single session for yourself before January brings higher rates.  You deserve to be Candida free and enjoy your holidays.

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