Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Chance - Get Your Personal Phone Coaching Session For January

I remember when Debbie came to a cooking class I was giving.  She really wanted a personalized coaching session.  Being an actress she wanted to feel better about her body.  She wanted to lose weight and she kept exclaiming she couldn't believe how good I looked and no wrinkles even though I was forty.  I watched her tentatively taste the food and I could see her struggle.  She had been taught that if she ate carbs she would gain weight but she was sitting with a plate of pretty food that she wanted to eat and it was carb heavy. 

"Is this really the kind of thing you eat every day?" she asked me.  "Yes!" I replied.  See when you know how food works in the body you get to create anything you want.  You can go deeper by removing the fears and blocks that get in your way and keep you stuck.  So many people are trying to eat lean by having their turkey salads for lunch and not realizing how that works to constrict themselves deep inside (like the pancreas) and causes cravings for sweets or alcohol.  Once you get back to balance the cravings disappear and so does the weight.

Debbie was torn.  She really wanted to do a session and she told me that she just didn't have the money.  Luckily Elaine was in that same class and Elaine had worked with me to clear her emotional blocks.  She too had money issues.  Each and every time she did some clearing work she had money coming to her in all sorts of interesting ways.  Things she could have never thought up.  First she got unexpected returns of investments she didn't even know she had because some distant relative had died.  Then she got a bonus at work she didn't know she was up for.  Then she won some money and then she sold her house for more than she thought possible in an economy where houses were not selling.  I joked with her and a few similar clients that I ought to get commission.  That I wanted to coach with me. 

Debbie did a session despite her fears and then I didn't see her for months.  I ran into her at a recording job I was doing for a cartoon.  She looked incredible.  She was so tiny and vibrant and looked years younger,  that I had to ask her what she was doing.  "I'm just doing what you taught me," she said.  "You were right, and it's so easy."  Wow.  I was really happy to hear it and was impressed with how well she did with just one session.  "Oh and you told me to risk and the magic would happen when I was scared to spend the money with you, do you remember?" Debbie said.  "Yes," I told her.  "Well right after the session I got a call from my agent and booked a commercial.  They literally made up their minds while we were working together."  "That's wonderful." I said.  In my mind I was thinking, damn, I do have to coach with me, 'cuz I want those miracles too.

You can have your own miracle story and learn to create with food and mental tools to have your life open up to all the possibilities.  Take advantage of the special because it ends tonight! and the rates will go up in January.  You can purchase as many sessions as you like at this drastically reduced rate but when its gone, it's gone.

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