Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Here - The End of Year Special - Start Your New Year Right!

If you had a little too much eggnog, chocolate or fabulous martini's or scotch, it might be time for the kudzu tea. and a nice long walk.  Naps aren't bad this week either if you can swing 'em.

If you have been thinking of taking more control of your health, your energy and want to have terrific tools in your arsenal against all those pesky aches pains, sore throats or intestinal troubles - then be sure to grab an end of year saving special that will only be available until New Years Eve. 

You might want this to be the year when you learn how to have the body you've always wanted or turn back the clock and shine brighter than when you were in high school.  Learn the secrets to stay young looking without the Botox.

Maybe you want to buy a session for someone struggling with their food.  Do you know anyone who wishes she was thinner, sexier or could use a big burst of energy?  Would you like to bring the sexy hot passion back to your relationship?  Grab a session for yourself or a friend and use it this January to put in place habits, tips and tools you will use for the rest of your life.

As many of you know I recently went back to school.  I just finished, graduating with a 4.0GPA, honors and even a couple of awards.  I foresee my own life changing quite a bit in 2012 and my coaching will become very exclusive.  The prices are going up.  That's why I wanted to give you an incredible year end deal so those of you who might have been on the fence can take advantage of getting the coaching you need to push you into your dream life.  What is it that you envision for yourself?  What would be the greatest thing you could do.  What would make you happier than you are right now?  Take one simple step in that direction.  That's the only way to begin.  Having a coach giving you that extra lift along with some solid, productive tools can make all the difference between you having a year like most other years, or having your life grow into the one of your dreams.

Breakthrough to living well.  It's time that you have the successes you want. will only last for a few days, so sign up today!

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