Friday, December 30, 2011

Is this going to be the year you change your life?

Pat called me for a session to lose some weight and find some hope for her aching joints.  Nothing had worked for her or at least worked for long.  She had one child, an ex-husband, a job she didn't care about and felt like her body was starting to fall apart and change on her.

We talked about acid vs. alkaline forming foods.  We talked about what she had been eating vs. what where some quick new things she could incorporate.  We talked about healing foods that were all new to her. Food eaten regularly in other countries that we have right on the shelves.  Foods most people just walk right by on the way to the broccoli, onions and carrots.

Pat called me a week later and wanted to book more sessions.  She had a new outlook on life.  She felt better and more alive than she had in ages, her aches were gone and she was thinking about playing tennis again and meeting new people.

Pat lost the weight permanently and is proud to be an example to her child but she worked on changing what what was holding her back in her job, her relationships and let go of what was keeping her stuck which was the biggest gift of all.  Even in a lousy economy her work picked up, she changed jobs and is happier than ever.  (I love the holidays when I get little updates from some of you.)

Is this the year you are going to change your life like Pat did?  Is this the year you take charge and transform your life to be what you want it to be?  Sometimes it just takes a little coaching to launch you.  I have been very rewarded to see so many people find far more than what they came looking for when they booked a session.

You can utilize phone coaching (Pat did by the way) to have your personalized coaching time from anywhere.

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