Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Icy Truth

Have you ever craved ice, wanted to crunch on it, or just feel frost slide down your throat?  Craving ice to chew is often a sign of an iron deficiency.  Other people are just in the habit of drinking icy cold beverages like those that generally feel too hot, feel like it cools them down. 

To a degree this can be true initially as you put cold into your 98.6 degrees of body temperature you can affect it.  We run a little more hot depending on body type or what we have been eating.  If your body is fighting something off your temperature can start to elevate.  Even if it doesn’t show up much on a thermometer you might feel like you need more liquid and want cold drinks. 

Unfortunately for every front there is a back and the bigger the front the bigger the back.  The more chilling you do can sometimes have your body creating more heat.  It’s especially difficult on digestion.  “Cold stops digestion cold,” one of my teachers used to say.  It can disrupt your digestive process, slow it down and make you feel tired as your body works hard to try and do its job. 

Ever wonder why we say oh she/he is so hot when describing sex appeal?  Cool and icy bring up an entirely different image.  Too much liquid or too many cooling foods and drinks can plummet sexual desire.  Only monks want to keep their cool constantly.  So think twice before you ice and see if it’s serving you.

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