Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't Miss Out - Grab a Session or two at The Super Special Rate

The first weeks of the new year sell more gym memberships and health food products than at any other time but the staggering statistics are dismal for keeping that enthusiasm going.  Why?  Because only about 3% of people who would like to make changes are willing to create habits to keep them.  It takes 21-30 days of consistency to create a new habit.

What would you like to change right now?  How would you like to feel this year?  How do you want to look?  Is now the time you would like to learn about foods you may not have explored?  How much of the produce in a Whole Foods do you really bring home?  Are you stuck in a rut with your weight, your energy or your life?  January is a great time to make changes because there are so many people thinking about it, you'll have some energetic support. 

Get some real tools you can use all year long to keep your resolutions going.  You can be part of that 3% who succeed.  Have a session or book 4 and get weekly coaching to spring board yourself into the life you desire.  Buy as many as you want at and use them this January because when the clock strikes midnight this Saturday, this special will disappear.

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